Sounds like you should

Choose to homeschool!!

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If a patient is being treated for Covid and wishes to receive Hydroxychloroquine will the doctors give it??

So it’s not safe for kids to come back full time to school, but it is safe to return to sports on August 17th??

Why is everyone so upset that school is starting and won’t have a delay but they are not crying over sports starting on the 17th?? How can we have sports but we can’t have school? I think they should be on the same page. Schools will have strict guidelines of hand washing and distancing b…

I thought 251 already has a social worker?

They did not send positive Covid back to the nursing homes to infect and kill others like Cuomo did

Try blaming Governor Cuomo for thousands of covid 19 deaths!!

If It has anything to do with Northern Heights then it seems like it does not get done. That is one of the things during the last voting people were upset about is that they don’t do the upkeep needed at Northern Heights because they are hoping for a new school. You have to keep up on the…

Emporia Gazette have you asked Newman’s if any employees have contacted covid through work?

Is the county health officer even made a visit to Tyson? You would think that would be a stat priority! The county health officer should of been visiting these factories before it got out of hand!!!