Speaking of that point! Where is the Grocery Tax cut your newly elected Gov. ran on???? Seems to me she has had multiple opportunities to come through on this "promise" ????????????????????????????????????

Without the electoral College,we would have a country where two states decide the POTUS. I think the founders knew what they were doing. I want my vote in Kansas to count!!

Everyone needs to conform to accommodate 1% of the population or in this case .00001% of the population ! BS

You know I get pretty sick of this one sided liberal "news " posts! Our President has never one time said he is against immigration! He has however along with all his supporters said he is against ILLEGAL Immigration! Why don't you tell the truth a quit making him out to be somethi…

Well it’s about time! My sons had to live through a divorce that this “Dr” was 50% responsible for. If anyone wants me to testify concerning his track record from 2011 let me know!!!My sons and I are still paying the price from this blank, blank, blank