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Ken was one heck of a good guy!!! Hard worker!!

How's that green energy working for y'all????? Iced up windmills don't spin!!!#drillbabydrill!!!!!!!

They have Taxed so much stuff, that they need to invent new things to Tax! The term "Medical" is laughable! Look at what legalized POT has done to Colorado! Easy access to marijuana will lead to bigger and better drugs! The only reason prohibition ended is because of LOST TAX REVENUE!!!

Comes back as invalid Email address????

Thank You for this story!! We are Cowboys and enjoy this type of News!!!!

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I would have to say that growing up in the state of Colorado, it too was a non factor Red republican state. Reliability only exists until it's not reliable. Our states are ever changing. Texas was Red forever, and currently it is a solid purple. The electoral College is the ONLY way our v…

I wanted to make my case about this article to the Democrats on this post, so I spent 15 minutes talking to the wall and got it out of my system!

It's pretty easy to make comments when you don't have to use your name and you sit behind a computer! Journalism is DEAD! It used to be that if you wanted to comment on a story you had to be willing to sign your name. If you are going to be the Watchman of the community Sign your name!!!

Thank You for the article!! Can't believe the owners of the Gazette let you publish truth!!!

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One more Liberal, one sided report from your fake news paper!!!!