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sarelon commented on The Use of Critical Race Theory

If you think that CRT explains that math is racist then apparently you are one of the people the authors were speaking to who need to figure out what CRT is. Comparing test scores to race is misleading. Try comparing test scores to economic status and you will see a more direct correlation.

sarelon commented on The politics of bullies

Your whole comment was 100% 'whataboutism' and has nothing to do with the subject being discussed.

I agree with most of what Schreiber says here...except the part about the Kansas AG's office not being incompetent. The last time we had an AG this bad it was Kline.

mRNA technology was first used in vaccines in the 1990's. The polio vaccine didn't receive 5-10 years of testing or clinical trials. This is the first instance where we have had a vaccine to a pandemic. The last time we had a pandemic of this scale was the 1918 flu which infected 500 mill…

Vaccines have been mandated in all industrialized nations to once extent or another since vaccines were first created. I find it fascinating how far some people will go to thin their own gene pool despite the best intentions of more rational people.

No I wasn't implying that the guy who answered the phone was free - I'm suggesting that the guy answering the phone is filling a position in the AG office that existed well before the 2004 statute was written. The construction of the "no call" website was a copy/paste job of websites that…

Nobody likes spam calls but I’m afraid Bill is off the rails on this one.

First, he called the Kansas AG’s office and expected it to be productive conversation. You know better Bill. The guy you spoke with did give you some valid information though. Most of the calls are originating…

I think Paul Dean, his city engineer, and James Paugh need to learn to research issues before they make fools of themselves.

sarelon commented on A Nation Divided

When was the last time your Fox News, Newsmax, or OAN actually presented both sides of any argument? Why should anyone listen to your "alternative facts"?

There are lots of studies showing masks work with Covid-19. I'm sorry you are so confused by science.