"Slip through the border"? "Another wonderful dreamer"? Do either of you have proof of your claims or are you just flapping your racism?

Hananova - Again, I call out someone for hating on a group of people and somehow that makes what I say "hate speech"? Thank goodness KKKobach is on his way onto the unemployment line. You don't have to wear a white sheet and burn crosses to be a racist...though it does make it ea…

jeronimo - I am the voice of intolerance...because I spoke out against someone who was being intolerant? I am the voice of intolerance because I called out a person in an elected position for being exclusive? As esustudent pointed out, she declared that "her priority is representing …

Sorry Bill but Gryph is correct. The 1st Amendment of the Constitution protects the freedom of speech against the government. I do agree this country is swirling in the bowl but for totally different reasons.

She should be impeached for no other reason than for being delusional enough to parrot party propaganda. It's pretty bad when the Koch Foundation called the "report" KKKobach cited for his "million of dollars in welfare for illegals" was grossly over-stated and not based…

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CSD - I'm afraid you got lost somewhere. I didn't see a single mention of religion in the original article nor did I make the comment that this country was established as a melting pot in a response to this comment - at least not that is currently showing. I do believe it was and religion …

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Clinton won the popular vote. "1600 Daily" is right-wing drivel. This country was established to be a melting pot of people fleeing other countries due to persecution and in search of freedom. I find it sad that the GOP has become so elitist as to forget that background.

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Trump's approval rating is the lowest of any modern president. Ad of 11/04 his weekly approval rating was at 40% which is about his average. The economy has improved steadily since 2009. The GOP has no leaders - just look at the president.

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So Emporia's already expensive water just got more expensive. Wonderful.

If you don't know why Trump is so loathed then you aren't paying attention. I'd much rather have a 16 year old in office than some of these decrepit fossils we have now.