Will be expecting results !!!!!!

This should be good for our sales tax .

I just wish the Church’s would throw the non profit protection out and get down to calling out the evils of the demo platform ,, it’s the fear of loosing the tax exempt status that keeps Church’s muzzled imo.....

sail commented on Fearing the Bern

Thank GOD we have the elec coll,, I cant find one demo that instills hope today,,,,, wonder what TRUMAN or JFK would think of how far down the toilet bowl the demos have reached ??????????????

REPUBS are spending like drunken demos,,,,,,,and demos want to give free everything to all that refuse responsibility,,,,sounds like a fairy tale ending to me! Watch the debates tonight ,and try not to cry tonight.

sail commented on We should all be offended

Think that Johnson started us down the hole of ,, hate crime legislation , Barry put it on steroids !

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Hana,so agree with your dec 8 post on free speech,,,,,,,"pc" speech is just tyranny forced on conserv with a smile......Wonder if the demos even understand the concept of freedom starts with the first ....

sail commented on We should all be offended

Wow. Won’t it be fun to watch the demos pucker up when the WHOLE story gets told ,,, can’t wait for the rest of the story when the republican get to ask questions under oath !

sail commented on The outsiders

Welcome to E-town sunshine

We have morphed into what we are,a low wage gov teat sucking town,,,,ask yourself why we cant recruit prof jobs to emporia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there is NO MONEY,,,BAD SCHOOLS,,,,NO SHOPPING ,,,thats just a start why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we have the means to turn this wreck around,but is there a vision…