I looked at these (15) pictures and there is one young lady wearing a mask. Congratulations to her. Now we know that there is one person in Lebo that is considerate of others.

I looked at the pictures carefully, and I can't find one person wearing a mask. Amazing!!

Well, I figured our hallowed commissioners would do a kop-out, and they did. If folks are to selfish, or to stupid to do a very simple thing that does help to slow the spread of the virus, then I don't know how we will ever stop it from killing more people. The Laura Kelly bashers should …

For quite a while I have noticed in the pictures of the county commission, commissioner Dan Slater has not been shown. Does anyone know if Dan is ill, or not any longer a commissioner?

I have known Mellissa for many years, and she is the nicest & most caring person I know. I am happy for this recognition for her. She doesn't toot her own horn. (pun on words)

Jan: I always appreciated your friendship & smile every time I went in the store. During the time my wife was going down with leukemia, you always ask me about her, & that meant so much for me. Those sincere kind acts will be putting a lot of stars in your crown. I'm sure you don'…

A sound decision has been made, so I am impressed. At least this year the taxpayers won't be picking up almost $50,000 of this white elephant shortfall. I still maintain that the users of the swimming pool as well as the golf coarse should pay for the expenses to operate them. If the user…

Ril commented on Where’s the Beef?

Oseil had better check his information. If you paid 3 to 4.00 per pound to have it butchered, on top of buying the animal on the hoof, the meat would be so expensive you couldn't afford to eat it. Perhaps it is 3-$4.00 per cwt??

I just don't think it is good business to pour money into the Jones park pool in the pasture. There are many more important things to spend tax money on.

I still say that castration should be required. It would solve the problem as far as this loser is concerned.