Mile marker 132 on I-35 is not on the KTA. Common Gazette. KVOE has it correct AND pictures.

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Really? An ad as a featured news article?? The gazette has reached a new low!

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Seriously USD 251? A couple inches of snow forecasted and we’re canceling school ahead of time? No ice, just snow.

No need to develop a summer school program this year with the way you’re cancelling school when it’s not dry and sunny!

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I get the same message after I read 4 or 5 articles. Pop up that says I need to purchase a subscription before I can read anymore.

Just makes me more choosey on what articles I click. I go to KVOE first and read all their articles and then to the Gazette. Usually works out good.

We're worried about a track and a small cafeteria when our schools are still unsecured? Priorities people!

Moving the cafeteria into the existing gym would require you to move the kitchen also. It would also require other major construction like insulating and air conditioning the old…

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About time there's some common sense at the helm.

The previous superintendent/board had been hoarding money in the capital outlay fund and were refusing to fix anything at the schools because that benefited their new school dreams. That is why the condition of the schools have become …

If my pet lion Furball ever gets out, please don't shoot him. He's so cuddly and nice to me. He would never hurt anyone. I tell my mom to shut up when she tells me that someday my pet lion will eat me. I used to feed Furball steaks from the Strong City market, but they closed and now i have …

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What an amazing justice system we have. This sends a message to his friends that HEY we can bring a gun to school and if we're caught, charges will just be dismissed.

Anyone else stuck on the fact that they own a $3 million building that they paid a $1 for when they were innertwined with the county? Now they are separate from the county, that’s a heck of a profit if they were to close down and sell.