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Its ironic that you can by a 65 inch tv for less than the cable services to use it

Agree. This is the vest economy, low unemployment and stock market earnings I have ever witnessed. Does show that when government gets out of the way the country can prosper!

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Westar plant opened in 2008 as a peak demand substation

Agree 100%. The public has an obligation to research and make their own decisions. And your right we are exposed to ads everyday making outrageous claims that aren’t true and have nothing to do with politics and somehow there is no outrage with this. In the eyes of Maxine Waters only the …

Ads of any kind bought on tv, news publications don’t require fact checks. Why does social media need to be the exception.

I agree that moving school up is a major factor. A number of us didnt start school til just before labor day. And if there are parents out there that are unhappy then drive your kids to school, a very simple solution. Dress them lightly and provide cool drinks. Im sorry but spending money…

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I would agree and in addition figures show that over the last three years Kansas ranks in the top 5 in outmigration population due to opportumity and taxes. In addition demographics will show that unless there is new business to bring families to the area school numbers will drop at a fai…

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I am not for trump but the released IRS data showed that the only bracket that paid higher taxes was those making over 1 million a year.

Amazing how many govt officials run to the border to express outrage at conditions and immediately approve over 4 billion dollars and where is the money and outrage for the country’s sick and homeless. Guess it is not the photo op they are looking for.

Small history lesson that NAFTA was enacted and signed in 1994 by then President Bill Clinton