Gary, Gary Lukert. Nice try on changing your name but your post are the same crazy post.


Gary, you may have changed your name, but you’re still saying the same crazy stuff. Gary Lukert is crazy!

JG24 commented on Bernie's Rolls Royce

Gary Lukert has changed his name to Justice81!!

Yes Gary! You know everything a

Yes Gary. You know everyt

The crazy one is back and commenting again! He usually is t gone for long. He just can’t help but spread hate and discontent. Too bad really...

Sure you are Gary. Sure you are....

Might* Sorry for the typo Gary.

Gary, if that is you’re real are my hero. So smart. I can’t even believe it. Wow. You delete my comments now that I finally get it and realize your intelligence? Hmmm seems you Amat be confused!