What exactly , like in details, has Trump done illegal or lied about? as in a. b . c. explain it to me I'm a deplorable so make it simple. Be specific, What is it Trump has done to "Ruin"this country, come on Gary school me up

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What is this guy?Did he get rejected from Car talk? No spot on NPR for such a great talent as this? something to mull over why we wait to sell drinks to the bicylers , our only source of income now that Emporia is a roadside attraction

Kansas's leadership Repub or Dem has turned Ks. into a roadside attraction. a side show . Kansas is now just a place for out of towners to come ride mountain bikes an gaze at sunflowers . What are 20 year olds that work for a living supposed to do in Kansas? sell lemonade at the bike fest…

Gary Gary , tel me what to think Gary.

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New Fred's restaurant , Not the "truck stop " most everyone I grew up with had they're first job working for Gene. Had many a interesting night working graveyard shift watching the Bus weirdos coming an going at 3 am

The Lukert Doctrine : Less job opportunities cause dependence on Gov. Programs ,,,, And that's a good thing! Thanks Gar for re educating me

Gee Gary you convinced me that these high wages an help wanted signs are a bad thing, I guess I'll Vote Democrat and go back to being poor and under my employers thumb . Options are a bad thing. Gary taught me that.

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Hurting those that have and making them have not will NOT help you . Poor people sexually harass too not just rich an powerful, ask any poor girl from a large family with many uncles

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Also ,always some person that didn't make it high as they're boss and makes up stuff, Did that just start when they were a subordinate or did they always act that way

Maybe if we go back to 1972 an investigate Trump we will find something. I mean isn't that The American way? Endless investigations, Guilty until proven innocent .I am pretty sure MLK said that" I dream of a land where we are all guilty until proven innocent" MLK was a Republican …