Humanobserver commented on Elaine St. Aubyn Staples Adkins

This is a wonderful, joyous obituary for a woman whose life was well lived. Thank you to whomever wrote this. I am sorry for your loss but she is with God and is better off than all of us here.

Anyone miss a vehicle? Did it have a license tag?

I got three of them today, recorded caller states that the gov't is basically canceling out my tax debt but only if I call right away!! Those Emporia numbers are: 620-3435350, 620-343 8327, 620-343 8089. If you have one of these numbers you may need to get a new one.

Kind of makes you want to go back to smoke signals!

Humanobserver commented on Emporia woman rescued from floodwaters

This girl should be made to pay the expenses involved for her rescue.

Humanobserver commented on Wendy's returning to Emporia


I totally agree with this. The comment that the library is not a free day care is spot on. I've seen it too many times.

Excellent! Something Emporia has needed for years.

Humanobserver commented on Closings and Cancellations

I've been getting that message too, a lot. Gazette is really hurting. KVOE has better coverage on most important issues and articles.

Humanobserver commented on Senior Center hires EHS grad

Yay Chris! Good for you Senior Center.