Gary Lukert. Still can't get over criminal clinton losing can you.You starting to sound like one of them cry baby snowflakes.

Anderson cooper your an idiot plus all your co-workers.

Democraps can read the report but they are to stupid to read it they had a chance but they are blind.

It cost more having illegals on welfare and free insurance free housing than buikding the wall.

Laura Kelly is an idiot just like the rest of the Democraps.

houndi commented on All hail President Jarvanka

Poor little cry babies get a life.

Gary Lukert quit you sound like one of them cry baby snowflake give it a rest we had to put up with your Obummer for 8 years and we didn't grip as much as you do .

I want to see all the demo-craps in congress their tax returns this works both ways. It's nobody business.