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grammy commented on Denise Yvonne Willey

I am so sad to learn this. I have know Denise for many years. She was a great lady and went to live with the Lord way to soon. So sorry to all of her family. Especially my friend Angie, her daughter. Bless each of you.

Joyce Hammond

Congratulations Rick and Collen.

Clyde and Joyce

grammy commented on Jerry Michael Van Gorden

We are so sorry to hear this. Peace be with each of you.

Clyde and Joyce Hammond

We are very sorry to hear of Fred's passing. May peace be with the family.

Clyde and Joyce Hammond

grammy commented on David Harvey Williamson

Ginger, Clyde and I are very sorry for your loss. Love and Peace be with you.

The Hammond's

grammy commented on Ann Mueldener Cochennet

Ann was a very sweet, caring woman. I am sorry for your loss.

grammy commented on Dorothy A (Buck) Matile

We are sorry for your loss.

Clyde and Joyce Hammond

darn, I was hoping they were going to reblack top it. It needs it badly.

Good grief, what is wrong what these people.

Try Team Hope for help