The downtown project needs to be wrapped up immediately. It's been long enough. People wonder how much of this is for the city and how much of this is to the benefit of the new business going in at the old bank location.

I had lunch there today, very good food, fair prices, friendly folks. One problem...I ate too much!

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I could not be more pleased to read this. Spot on!

For its size, Emporia is one of the “loudest” towns I’ve ever been in. Friends and acquaintances from out of town/state/country have commented negatively on this for years.

Not only do we get to hear people “burn rubber” at the intersections at all hours, cover our ears f…

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Chris, this is the new reality and it is completely in line with traffic in general in Emporia. The 30 MPH speed limit on 6th now means 40 (20 on commercial means 25, or maybe even 30).

This is particularly frightening at 6th and Commercial when a heavily loaded semi accelerates t…

Hmmm...well, at least a FEW of our town's laws are enforced. Daily we see people texting while driving, speeding (particularly on 6th), loud mufflers, "burning rubber" on Commercial, U-turns on Commercial (also known as highway 99), driving in pouring rain without turning on head-lights, …

Ah, just what we need...let's combine a speaker system with loud motorcycles, people burning rubber down Commercial, the thump-thump from vehicle stereo systems, and the nerve stretching screams of a train every few minutes. I've never seen such a small town with such big noise pollution.

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I too have heard many derogatory comments about Emporia from friends and folks who are passing through. Mostly about overgrown lawns, falling down houses, outrageous train noises, jaywalkers darting in front of moving traffic, even when only a few feet or yards from a crosswalk, speeding dow…

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Spot on, I think, and an entertaining "read," much enjoyed. Thank you.