Very disappointing. Four months in to this and many have done nothing to keep themselves or others safe. This virus should be gone already but some of us are making sure it never leaves us. We are better than this.

DK would be a disaster. Bringing a few thousand people to town, most of them having to fly to get here would be foolish.

Four months late but this is the right thing to do. It's sad that so many have to be ordered to do the right thing. I'm so glad I won't have to put up with people breathing near me from now on.

Let's leave the use of the names of native american groups to those people themselves. The Kaw Nation can use the name Kanza, not anyone else.

Danno commented on The Faces of COVID-19

If you are not taking this virus seriously or if you don't think it can happen to you let this be a reality check. Please wear a mask in public. If not for yourself then for your spouse, children, parents, friends, neighbors and co-workers. It's the only medicine we have and every Emporia…

Masks should be required in public places. This is our best defense at this point. Kudos to CVS for their efforts to keep us safe, All other businesses need to get with the program.