No, we have proof that our patrons examined the proposed bond issue and decided that it was the best path for the district. 251's patrons decided differently.

How about north lyon county school board?

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I'm really going to miss Party Ham and Party Turkey, but I'm really done with Fantails now.

Your reporter didn't mention James Hannon, candidate for State Board of Education, district 7. Mr. Hannon spoke of his goals including having educated teachers in every classroom, an education designed for the future, preschool readiness for every child, and funding of public education by t…

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I would agree completely. I would add that pet stores buy dogs (and cats) from puppy mills for the most part, and many of them are unhealthy or have genetic problems (either physical or psychological). By buying a puppy from one of these places, one is encouraging the abuse of the breeding…

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I take issue with Ms. Murphy. I have in front of me the offending copy of the gazette, of the 3 federal "e-mail addresses" in the September 22 Gazette, all were wrong. They had NEVER worked in the format that was printed (2 because they weren't e-mail addresses at all and 1 becau…

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Can you guys PLEASE fix the misspelling in the headline?

It is sad that our local grocery stores don't think enough of the community to update their buildings and stock to serve a town this size. It is disgraceful that the best produce is from Walmart and not from a grocery store. If Dillons and Reebles/Countrymart want our business, they need t…

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Great pictures. Really capture the feel of the morning. Keep them coming!