Oh well. Nice cop out. Stay safe till the next time.

Aim I think you got caught straddling a barb wire fence. Earlier today you posted, stop making this political etc. Then I understand the no shirt no shoes but wearing a mask in a store goes to far. I know my rights. Which is it? Wear one of not. Or are just on here stirring the pot like me.

And maybe I assumed to much but you did say blame a conservative Republican when we have to home school again. Is that not political

Aim you are assuming an awful lot. I never said that I wasn't going to wear a mask I merely asked why it would automatically make me a a remember of a certain political group. You immediately presumed that I listen or prescribe to certain political leanings. I pointed out on a post yester…

Aim I am also starting to wonder if you aren't Lukert with a diferent sign.

Aim explain to me why it is a political decision if I chose not to wear a mask.

You people are all a bunch of goofs. How can any of you think that a disease is Republican or a Democrat or the fault of either one? Better be careful of you'll all start sounding like Lukert.

Another question is what are the same statistics for the flu?

I'm posing a question for all you web surfers and statistic hounds. What is the percentage of deaths vs. actual cases world wide and in the US.

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