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assimilate..... No Problem

Create: What I really had in mind was anyone no matter what their age, race religion or color. Online just leaves open to much room for cheating. I.E. someone else doing the test for whoever can't read, write or comprehend. Leave it up to a liberal to throw prejudice into a conversation t…

I wonder how many people will be able to pass this test when they couldn't if they had to do it in person? We already got enough illiterates out on the road now.

Amen Elrod Amen after yesterday I'm not so sure he and Lukert aren't Siamese twins or maybe the same person

Maybe they could cut back on the number of vice principals, and other people hired to do what a principal should be doing.

AS usual your not making any sense Hollow. Your tin foil hat must be of center.

This world is going to hell in a handbasket. How could any parent, grand parent (make or female), brother or sister not be in favor of this? A man changing to a woman would obviously have an advantage in any sport. How many scholarships etc. will go to the trans. instead of the the girl. …

What is your definition of socialism? Be nice to know since you use the word so often.

Wish I had spell check on this kindle