2000 That’s ridiculous. Our city leaders never fail to amaze me.

I find the mask ordinance confusing . Most businesses have something posted on the doors. I notice that Braums doesn’t. You can shop their food market without a mask. Why is that? And shouldn’t all employees have a mask?

I agree totally. This should have been a statewide, countywide mandate months ago. Look how many lives could have been saved. I hate when people say it’s an economic decision.

Chrism commented on Mask Up

This should have happened 5 months ago. It’s about time. If kids are expected to wear masks in school the adults can step up to the plate also.

Thank you Renee Hively for standing up for us.

A special thank you to Renee Hively for having the guts to stand up and try to protect the residents of Emporia.

I for one am glad to see it was canceled. School will just be starting. Does anyone really think that shoppers will have a mask on and practice social distancing? Nope not in Emporia!!

When you fail a statewide mandate this is what happens. So what are our county Leaders going to do now?? Nothing !!

Chrism commented on Business not as usual

Excellent !! Run for office please.

So if I’m reading this right, in 7 more weeks the power shifts from Local Counties back to the Governor. Is that right?