I also would like to know how many of them in lyon county are hospitalized? Come on Gazette, pertinent information.

bubbadleroy commented on Being proactive is not overreacting

Avoid contact with other humans if at all possible. Now, it just don't get any better advice than that.

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More of a grocery selection sounds real good. Just as long as you don't try to sell it for 4 times the price.

Dang, sure are a lot of doom an gloom posters out there. No forward thinkers, so far, cept me. It is coming folks, and in 20 years electric will be obsolete. Perpetual motion will take top billing, soon as someone figures it out.

It is sad that anyone needs to loose their job due to, what I presume, is a lack of people buying the product out put. I just few minutes ago after reading this article, got home from shopping, so I got pissed and got off my butt and went in and read every single item packaging, as to whe…

Good post Nathan

How about laying down new asphault from Emporia to madison, highway 99 SUCKS....5,000 vehicles a day travel that road and it is beat all to hell. Hazardous as all hell when it rains.

Now really,,,, what good was this article to the public, without pictures?

well, lets just raise some taxes and fix everything. SMH

Careful, with accolades received like that, they will be notified of shutting down in 6 months.