All miss Tucker or anyone else needs to do is read book of Revelations and will know all about the weather to come. Forget trying to change the climate.

Traffic not expected to be impacted. In other words one big screwup lol

Forget this bull. The city always wants to waste money on studies. Money spend on the damage streets would be better spent! They put up a sign on 12th that rough street ahead. Dang 12th has needed repaired for years. The powers at be has just noticed this? Don't they get every now and the…

I believe in taking are and protecting mine and myself. If we all did this then police would not be needed.

The illegals are breaking the law. Should be sent back or forced to pay $20000 fine. No difference in robbing banks. Are you going to let banks robbers get away with it


Think someone from the paper or city would answer who Jack's security? Don't the city want us to know?

You could ticket bike riders running stop signs and running lights to pay for new streets!

Who is Jack's security?

booker5m commented on Profiles in cowardice

You need to look back in history. All politicians are alike. Lie ,cheat, take bribes, run around with ladies. Then sit back pound their chests and tell you how they are looking out for you. This is down from the white house to seats in Congress. The voters can't wait to put them back in D…