Since a full time animal control officer for the City of Emporia is nonexistent, then It would certainly be nice to have a good healthy population of these things slithering along the poorly maintained alleyways gobbling up the overpopulation of Feral cats . Additionally , since the City …

Would anyone be interested in buying T shirts , bumper stickers and 14 foot DIRTY KANZA welcome banners ??

Asking for a friend

And while you’re at it, be sure to give all riders Participation Trophies so no one will get their poor little Feelers hurt .

Let’s try this again since the Gazette diligently censors our comments.

This man did nothing wrong .

The police were justified ,... watch the video in it’s entirety.

Life Time must have been looking for a reason to fire him.

Also,... George Floyd was a common Crimi…

This man did absolutely nothing wrong ! ,

... ( watch the entire and you will see for yourself ). My instincts tell me this was flimsy excuse to simply fire him.

I am embarrassed for Kristy Mohn and her associates,.... obviously just another set of Liverals throwing a tantrum …

ValuNet is an Outstanding company and has the best customer service in Emporia.

Thank you ValueNet !!!!

Blueheeler commented on Bike Share returns

Perfect waste of taxpayer dollars. Good job !

A1,.. you hit that nail square and true

Amen Brother

The Lyon County Sheriff’s office should charge this individual with Five separate counts of Child Endangerment as well as Trespassing.