I would like to see a few "old-time dime stores" return to downtown. Woolworth's, Kress, etc. A lot of people cannot drive to the west part of town, where some us won't drive to the west part of town. Bring more variety down town.

BaseballFan commented on Chuck Wagon Cafe extends hours

Hmmmm. Where is this place? Emporia? Out of town? No address provided in story.

Ril: Wish there was "thumbs up" button! Some of us have been discussing why Herrman turned down the 1700 jobs the new Tyson chicken facility would have provided. Guess the powers that be want to be able to keep their thumbs on the working class.

"The accident is under investigation by the Lyon County Sheriff's Office". Little or no chance of them being caught.

BaseballFan commented on Murder remains unsolved

So sad for this family. But, unfortunately, there is not much in the way of investigating in our local law enforcement departments. Many burglaries, car burglaries and other "non-violent" crimes continue to go unsolved. Relying too much on Crime Stoppers instead of good old "p…

In Kansas, there is NO law that says you have to wear a helmet (unless you are under 18 years old). Back in the day when ABATE was for real, they took a nasty stance on even "reporting" (in "news" releases) the fact that a "legal" adult was not wearing a helmet.

BaseballFan commented on 'Let People Vote' Campaign Launch

'Let People Vote'. This is dangerous, especially with the involvement of the ACLU. Yes, let people vote. But let them vote after they have studied the issues and made up their OWN minds, instead of someone TELLING them how to vote...............


BaseballFan commented on Many factors weigh into sentencing

"Prisons in Kansas are at capacity and severely understaffed. Therefore, any time new legislation is requested or sentencing modifications are addressed, the first consideration is how the changes will impact “bed capacity.” It is not financially or physically feasible for the state to …

BaseballFan commented on Saturday drowning victim identified

Thoughts and prayers to the family, but I am not surprised this happened. I see people chest deep in the water in that area, fishing. It's a wonder many others haven't been lost.