How very true. Small presses are disappearing little by little all over this country. They are precious few and an integral part of our landscape.

Insanity. I guess they'll learn once kids start dropping like flies. People are so damned impatient and keep putting us all back to square one.

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Your last sentence, while wishful thinking, would certainly solve this huge problem. The dilemma is real. While I feel for parents who both work and have school age children, the desire to protect them weighs heavily in the decision. I no longer have school age children; however I believe…

Perhaps the Gazette can one day do a feature on all the volunteers who keep this place going, inside and out. I should think they would have already done that.

Thanks for the laugh this morning. I guess dynamite would do what your handle suggests. Very funny.

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This good doctor details the best advice ever to avoid getting ill, yet we continue to hear people spout off about their rights. Something strange is going on among those who use such logic. Is it some irrational refusal based on freedom of choice? Perhaps those are the people who don't w…

I feel so happy for these young people. For once, Trump has made a good decision. Thousands would have had to go back home, tons of tuition $$ lost, local rentals closed, careers thwarted or at least put on hold. As one who depended completely on a college education to enter my own profes…

Excellent post. Yes, these perverts never change their behavior; they just go underground for awhile until the coast is clear. In his case, he's been teaching for 14 years! How long had it been going on? It took great courage for the students to report it, and for the teacher to report to…

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Just because you have no hair does not mean others need to be shorn too. Get over yourself.

A name change is it? Like that's going to solve anything. This is just plain stupid. No other word for it.