Alphonse Sicard

Yea, I'm not driving 2+hours to get my groceries. And believe it or not I'm fine with paying those taxes to support my state and those that need the extra support.

It was not a choice of extending food assistance or reducing the grocery tax. And who exactly are "they" that you are referring to? Is it the 5000 or so Kansans that are losing their food assistance?

Ask our state lawmakers that question.

People around here care about protecting kids up until it starts to cost extra. The whole "I had to do it this way so everyone else should too" mindset is getting real old and is incredibly selfish.

Alphonse Sicard commented on Vote no on school bond

Did people forget that teachers got a raise this year? I mean obviously they should be paid more but the schools should still be working to stay updated. These upgrades help the teachers do their job better too.

Apparently i need to figure out how this reply button works, but my question still stands.

How does their opinion stifle your free speech?

Where did they say you shouldn't share any information on the bond issue? And shouldn't they have a right to an opinion just as you do?

It sure feels like KPI has taken a position on this bond issue. And you clearly haven't had any issues posting your opinions about this on the gazette so why do you feel like they are suppressing your speech?

That's an easy answer. Nothing