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We swing from one extreme president to another. Isn't Trump the opposite of Obama? Wasn't Obama the opposite of Bush Jr? Wasn't Bush Jr the opposite of Clinton? Wasn't Clinton the opposite of Bush Sr?

Back, and forth, back and forth. Hoping, this next extreme, this next King, (or …

ACushing commented on Trump 4 More Years!!

Confederates supported Article V?


Why then, did they choose to leave the Union when "Free-States" were added to the Union, giving enough states, the needed number under Article V, to finally pass the 13 Amendment?

I love how you refer to anyone who di…

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Experience the Freedom the Founders Intended!!!
Join us this Tuesday at 7:00pm for our regular meeting.
We will be on the second floor at the Lyon County Annex at 402 Commercial Street.
Help us bring our Government closer to home!

The board meeting last night was attended by my husband, Thomas.
He was still pretty disgusted when he left for work this morning.
The vote to close Reading, with the newest building, was done in spite. An effort to punish the voters who refused to fund a new building.
Public co…

Your first sentence is not true. Because of that, I did not read the rest. We are calling for a Convention of States.
We have Conventions all the time here in these United States. There are political party Conventions, Medical Conventions, Technology Conventions, Religious Conventions, e…

You are correct, by the way. The States have in fact, satisfied the requirements of Article V several times.
That has been done, 27 times. It is the 27 Amendments we have today.
Please read Article V above, or see it for yourself at
The current Conventio…

An *s* is missing from the above website. It should be

"The persons representing COS" do not run, own or operate the website you posted. Do you own and operate that website?
The Convention of States has their own website. It is here:
Why would anyone go to YOUR favorite website and read interpretation…

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In the early 90's we were stationed to Fort Hood, Texas. We did not see any of the infamous scorpions, helgamites, tarantulas, or even bunnies. We did however, see lots and lots of fire ants. An invading species from South America. When we were re-stationed to Fort Hood in the mid 2000's we …