USD 253 announced Thursday that it would halt remote access for students in isolation and quarantine beginning Monday, and many of our readers were understandably upset.

Our students have already suffered enough over the past two years, between the sudden closure of schools in March 2020 and last year’s hybrid school year.

But let’s place the blame for our current situation where it lies: the state legislature.

Last year, state legislators limited school districts’ ability to offer and utilize remote access to instruction. Districts can only offer 40 hours of remote learning per student and, if school districts ignore this, they lose their funding.

And the process to offer remote access to students was not as simple as you might think. In order to qualify for remote access, students must have a “temporary extenuating circumstance.” Local school boards must then approve the exception for each student.

Legislators said the move was intended to help our students, because in-person learning is important.

Well, of course it’s important. Most kids learn better in a classroom.

But now, COVID numbers are higher than ever and our teachers are struggling. Unlike last year, when remote learning was part of the norm, our teachers aren’t really set up for hybrid classes. Students in remote access today complain about everything from not being able to access classes to not understanding class material.

And, unfortunately, our schools have no choice right now due to our legislators’ overreach.

Nothing about this school year is ideal, but our kids are resilient and we have no doubt that teachers will work with them when our kids are back in school.

If we want things to look different for them right now, we need to help limit the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.

And we need to talk to our legislators and urge them to let our schools make the best choices they can for our kids.

Ryann Brooks

News and Online Editor

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ANOTHER example of our Republican legislators screwing things up. Yet, we keep electing them to office year after year. Albert Einstein would call that insanity. We have recovered from our fiscal woes thanks to Governor Kelly after years of Republican mismanagement and misplaced priorities. No wonder they need to rig things to make voting harder including gerrrymandering. And then, we have trolls like MWS, predictably spouting false information, trying to "needle" folks with their senseless remarks. Well, MWS, at least we know your heart. That is one benefit of your posts. We know your heart and it is black.


MWS has a heart?

I think that qualifies as a "hoax."


Rationalize much, MWS? You and people like you are looking for every situation you can find to point fingers at why Covid is some kind of myth in the mists. Have you seen the absentee lists of teachers who are out sick? Not just students, but teachers too. Some businesses have had to shut down because workers are ill or in quarantine. What about the tens of thousands who have died with Covid? Will you tell their families this was a hoax? I can smell a Trumper and you're it. No respect for anything scientific, yet you yourself are alive today because of the myriad of vaccinations you took as a small child. You and people like you are the most dangerous element in our society today, constantly crowing about a hoax. If you don't want to vaccinate or wear a mask, then stay at home and stop being out and about.


Nonsense? Adele just cancelled her LV shows. Half of her fully vaccinated crew was out with Covid. She required everyone to be fully vaccinated. Dr. Fauci said that if we all took the experimental vaccine we could stop wearing masks, social distancing and quarantining. 2 weeks later he showed up at a congressional hearing wearing 2 masks. You are right, I sure this is not a hoax.


I apologize, MWS. What you wrote in your post WASN'T nonsense. Instead, it was utter drivel.

You're changing topics from what is ignorant or moral to Adele. Caesar's says she's cancelling her shows because she's throwing a hissy fit. You're twisting Fauci's words--yet even if we accept your interpretation of what he said at face value...WE DIDN'T ALL take the (approved, not experimental) vaccine. You don't get to reject medical science's best advice and then claim the advice didn't work when you didn't follow it.


I wonder if the 105 Lyon County residents who died of Covid knew it was a hoax.


In the UK the legislature finally woke up. They cancelled all Covid mandates for obvious reasons: Dr. Fauci, CDC, NIH and everyone else has been wrong the entire 2 years. It's a hoax. Nothing works and Covid is here to stay, like the flu. What they did to America's schools is immoral and nationally ignorant. America needs to go back to normal and take normal precautions against Covid, like they do the flu. The liars and fear mongers on TV need to now be deleted.


Nonsense, MWS. The immoral position is the one that says there "I should be able to infect anyone I come in contact with because I don't like the idea of masks, distancing, hand-washing, or staying home if I'm sick." The ignorant position is the one that says "Because vaccines are not 100% effective they are not effective at all." What do you mean, "Nothing works?" Did you not argue for ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and who knows what else on these very boards just a few days back? But now you're saying "Nothing works."

Oh, and one of the "normal precautions" most Americans take against the flu is...vaccination.

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