We visited Elexa Dawson at her home and recorded this music video for "Circle Song". “Circle Song” was recorded for "Music is Medicine" at Moonflower Sounds in Taos, NM. Harmonic voices: Melissa Tastove, Peter Oviatt and Kelby Kimberlin. "Music is Medicine" was released by Lost Cowgirl Records in December 2019.

Elexa is growing her own garden to support herself and her community during these difficult times. As a Potawatomi woman, she treats her garden like family and shares a spiritual connection with her plants. She prays over them, sings to them and has a deep respect for the gifts her garden gives her.

"This is a gathering song, free to learn, teach and share. Returning to the earth has always been my direction and passion. My elders told me this day was coming. I will live as a sibling of everything, and a child of Segmekwe, Mother Earth. The Circle Song is inspired by many conversations, podcasts and artwork that sparked my fire for good relationship with my human and more-than-human relatives, and a less paternalistic relationship with "Mother Nature." -Elexa Dawson



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