All it took was one group text to the Madison football team and one local farmer made quick work out of a somewhat tedious task.

Justin Isch knew the local football team was selling shirts as a fundraiser for their program, and since his oldest son, Gavin, is a freshman this year, he thought of a way he and the football team could help each other.

Isch had Gavin get permission from Head Football Coach Alex McMillian before a group text was sent out to the football team looking for five or six boys to help in covering up recently cut silage. Within a matter of a few minutes, he had all the help he needed.

Nasun Wasson, Hunter Engle, Braden Foltz and Casey Helm were the first to respond to the text. They, along with Gavin and his brother, Colton, spent a few hours Friday evening helping tarp and haul the tires on top of the steep pile of silage.

“I was a little worried about getting any responses since Gavin is just a freshman and new to the team, but that wasn’t a problem,” Justin Isch said. “We have good kids in our community. They are respectful and get along well with each other, and these boys showed up and did a great job for me.”

Justin’s wife, Liz, got a bird’s eye view of the work in progress with the family’s drone. The pictures were featured on Sports in Kansas social media pages and have gone viral, with many shares.

Not only was Isch a winner in getting help with a job that isn’t always fun, but the football team was rewarded with a nice cash donation in return, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

“It was a good way to take a job I dread and turn it into a little fun, and I think the guys had a good time, too,” Isch said.

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