King’s Pub & Grub occupies these premises now as they have for the past year. The reader is encouraged to ‘give ‘em a try’. They follow in the footsteps of two other eateries over the past decade – Treva’s Eatery and The Red Brick Café. But the building itself predates these by more than a hundred years. And, though it might be hard or even impossible to prove, it had been dubbed the oldest drug store, in continuous use as a drug store west of the Mississippi River. But I get ahead of myself!

This building was built in 1883, with brick from the Harlan Kiln which was located just to the north of Madison, for Charles E. DeMalorie, to be used as a drug store. DeMalorie came to Madison in the 1870s, and worked for Dr. L. J. Cunkle in the old town. When Madison relocated, DeMalorie (and Cunkle!) came with it. Cunkle built a two-story building across the alley for his drug store, but soon tired of that business and sold it to DeMalorie. For some reason, DeMalorie didn’t stay there very long, but moved across the alley and had this structure erected.

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