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Here are Texas A&M’s teams with at least three offensive skill players who earned first-team, all-conference honors in the same season over the last 50 years:

1985 (10-2, No. 6)

QB Kevin Murray

FB Anthony Toney

SE Jeff Nelson

Murray threw for 1,965 yards on 147 of 251 with 13 TDs and 10 interceptions. Toney rushed for 845 yards on 191 carries (4.5) with 12 TDs. Nelson had 51 receptions for 651 yards (12.8) with four TDs.

1986 (9-3, No. 12)

QB Kevin Murray

TE Rod Bernstine

RB Keith Woodside

Murray threw for 2,463 yards on 212 of 349 with 17 TDs and eight interceptions. Bernstine had 65 receptions for 710 yards (10.9) with five touchdown. Woodside had 97 carries for 569 yards (5.9) with two touchdowns and had 52 receptions for 603 yards (11.6) with five touchdowns.

1993 (10-2, No. 8)

RB Greg Hill

TE Greg Schorp

RB Rodney Thomas

Hill rushed for 707 yards on 124 carries (5.7) with six touchdowns. He added six receptions for 78 yards and a touchdown. Schorp had 17 pass receptions for 220 yards (12.9). Thomas had 191 carries for 996 yards (5.2) and 13 TDs. He had 11 receptions for 72 yards.

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