Kansas Farmers and families should be thankful they have Pat Roberts in the Senate fighting for them.

A lifetime Kansan and current chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Roberts has an understanding of food and agriculture few others can match. Roberts’ expertise is always crucial when crafting an updated Farm Bill, which affects everything from crop insurance to food stamps. He’s been involved in writing seven bipartisan farm bills, but the 2018 farm bill may be his most important.

That is due to deep disparities in the House and Senate versions regarding funding for food stamps, or SNAP. House Republicans want to cut funding and reduce the number of recipients. The Senate Bill, which passed on a strong bipartisan vote of 86-11 makes changes to the program but leaves funding for benefits intact.

Roberts has addressed concerns about waste in the SNAP program in an Agriculture committee hearing last month, saying, “we are not talking about rampant program abuse.” As the House and Senate still need to reconcile the differences in their bills, Pat Roberts will surely continue to fight to protect SNAP, which he has described as “vital to those among us in need.”

Jack Delehanty


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Don't forget both Roberts and Moran voted in favor of HJ Res86 to end net neutrality, after we the people voted it down over and over again, and now we are stuck with an internet where our government is able to monitor use, control what content we do and do not see, and sell or share our information with other agencies and companies.

It's cute he helps farmers and all, but any Kansas politician is going to support farmers. These guys are doing more harm than good.


We have found Senator Roberts' office to be such a help with several issues with federal government agencies. No one else at the federal level or state level has been this responsive and rarely were the other politicians here responsive at all. I hope Senator Roberts can continue to serve the people in the state of Kansas for at least a few more years into the future. As far as "Gary's" rant, his constant insults of the President, Republicans and individuals here was over the top. It really helps to take a break when something becomes that overwhelming to someone.

Gary Lukert

This is my Farewell Post in the Gazette. I have protested people ripping me personally, while posting under FAKE Names. I believe anyone attacking my postings, and me personally--SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED....Using a Fake name.
If they post, not ripping my postings...that's OK. WELL, THE GAZETTE believe it is OK. They must be TRUMPERS. This is Gary Lukert, over & out...I use my real name, I served my country honorably in the U.S. Navy.


Bye Felicia




So what's your real name?

i hate myself

Gary Lukert was a treasure to this site, providing its readers with both entertaining comments and the opportunity to fruitlessly argue the current political situation of the state of Kansas. While his views were sometimes misinformed, and his relationship with the caps lock key was worryingly intimate, we should thank Gary Joe Lukert for his time; as the sole left-leaning person who had the free time to consistently post comments, Gary gave Kansas rightists a punching bag to vent out their anger. Remember Gary as the man who gave your comment arguments an opposition, not as a lunatic with a broken caps lock key.

Gary Joe Lukert, thank you for your time and your service. The Gazette will be a much less interesting place without you.


You really shouldn't have let yourself get involved with whining about "fake names" and just stuck to presenting the facts with sources to back those up. You can't argue with facts, even with a fake name. Your "TRUMP IS EVIL" type rants are mostly glossed over and filed in the loony bin. Thanks for your service Gary good luck out there.

Ma Barker

Watch out for this guy. Has he switched from the University of Minnesota liberal arts department to Emporia State so he can run for Roberts's seat when he dies or retires, whichever comes first? His dissertation appeared to be that of some religious wing-nut than someone truly interested in farmers and a farm bill. It's a little late in Roberts's political career to be promoting him, so who is he promoting? Himself? Kobach? Colyer? Whomever is left over after the upcoming election? Funny I don't see "family farmer" in this article. That's who they usually say they are "working" for.


He claims someone should be thankful for the 3rd senator from Virginia...that says all that needs to be said. Thankfully most people in Emporia can see through such idiocy.

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