WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly has received the kind of praise from President Donald Trump that Republicans in her home state of Kansas would love to hear about themselves.

Kelly met with the Republican president Wednesday in Washington to discuss the coronvirus pandemic, along with GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas.

Trump said, “They've both done a fantastic job.”

Kelly said before leaving for Washington that she would discuss outbreaks in meatpacking plants, a major source of new cases in Kansas, and press Trump to support direct aid to states to help them cover revenue shortfalls tied to the nation's economic slump.

A YouTube video of a session with reporters showed Trump touting his administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

As for Kelly, she remained quiet as Trump said she'd been on coronavirus calls with the White House and, “I know she will speak her mind, and so will some of the others.”

“If she was unhappy, she'd be letting you know it,” Trump said.

In April, Kelly said the federal coronavirus effort “really is not good enough" as she expressed frustration over struggling to get testing supplies. But she's since praised the Trump administration for how it responded to outbreaks in meatpacking plants.

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You are 100% correct Big Red. 👍


Only 15 states have less covid deaths than Kansas, and only 20 have less confirmed cases. No matter how much you dislike her, it's undeniable her actions have prevented and slowed the spread.


But 28 states have fewer COVID cases per 100,000 residents. Thus, Kansas is in the top half of the states for COVID cases for our population and remember, we started testing late. Thus, we theoretically have many more recovered COVID cases than are included in our COVID count.


And home to the top and three of the highest per capita counties in the country. Ford county has been on every news channel for their exploding corona


I don't say that to disparage the governor, she did what she felt was best. No one knows what the right answer is. We have states that never shut down and they have lower COVID rates. So far as social distancing goes, KS ranks 41st in lowest population per square mile. We have the benefit of natural social distancing. I would have thought our numbers as compared to other states would have been better than they are. I think it goes to show there is still a LOT we don't know about COVID or how it spreads.


20 of those 28 states are +/- 100 cases /100,000 from Kansas' number.

Kansas currently sits at 273/100k. The lowest state (Montana) is 44/100k, and the highest is New York at 1800/100k... Only 11 states (including DC) have a rate over 1000, just to give your argument into perspective. Kansas is for sure in the lower numbers, especially when you look at the cases/100k graphs. Kansas can still be in the lower numbers even with 28 states being lower. While Kansas might not have the lowest, the numbers say Kelly has done a good job, which is why 2/3 of Kansans say they support her efforts.


And yet states like Arkansas, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming never had stay at home orders and their COVID rates are less than KS. Did we really prevent anything? We will never know for sure. I thought the numbers would show distinctly whether stay at home was successful. Instead we get mixed results that leave me scratching my head.


Wow, Trump telling the truth? Such a rarity.


It appears that when you like what Trump has to say, he's telling the truth; when you don't like it, he isn't. I'm a Democrat but, in my view, Kelly's handling of the coronavirus crises been nothing short of disastrous.

You may not be able to keep up with the details in Colorado, but there is absolutely no reason other than Kelly's abject incompetency for Kansas to have had the lowest rate of testing among all 50 states. She attributes this to a shortage of specialized nose swabs, testing supplies and other related materials, but it's undeniable that these shortages were a challenge that every other governor in the nation faced and met with greater success than Kelly. And this despite the fact that our state has a disproportionate number of meat packing plant workers whose employment puts them at significantly enhanced risk.

Add to that the fact that, while Kansas had not one but two deadly nursing home outbreaks early in the pandemic, Kelly has provided no guidance to nursing homes in the state. She's consistently demonstrated a complete paucity of leadership when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable Kansans among us.

I hope she's primaried in the next election but, if not, Kansans will have no choice but to vote for for her opponent.

The objective evidence is in: Kelly's blazingly incompetent and Trump's record of inaccuracies stands.


Good post! Kelly not only hurt the state, but other Democratic Party candidates in the state. She was making it about "politics" exclusively, and President Trump would have looked very bad and lost ground in his own re-election by pointing out the faults in Kelly, so Every "precaution" that Kelly forced on the population is now in question anyway. it was mostly "posturing" that took place. She brought the State much bad press. I know they would like to recall her if they could get the signatures, and they are working on that. One term governor for sure.

Comment deleted.

Like Joe Biden


Kelly's handling of the coronavirus hasn't been "disasterous"... lol.... she managed to keep Kansas among the lowest infection rates without testing. Why be so upset she couldn't secure testing when she did a great job without it? Seems like you just love to hate on her.

You should also probably buckle in because Republicans don't have a viable candidate to run against Kelly. Loudmouth Susan Wagle seems to be who they want to run, and she stands less of a chance of winning than Kobach did in 2018.

Nursing homes in Kansas have also had guidance... I know tons of people who work in them and they are doing the same things nursing homes in other states are doing. I can't imagine how many deaths Kansas would have had with Kobach or Wagle behind the wheel... scary.

Gary Lukert



Kelly didn't manage to keep infection rates low; she managed to keep the statistics evidencing Kansas's infection rates low by not testing. Just recently, her administration agreed to allow meatpacking plant employees working in the proximity of those who've tested positive to remain on the job without testing them. You seem to view Kelly through rose-colored glasses while choosing to remain uninformed by the facts.


"she managed to keep Kansas among the lowest infection rates without testing" C'mon Aim, you missed the mark on that one. How can you tell if KS infection rates are low without testing? Once KS got out of last place in the US on testing, the COVID cases climbed. And no, our infection rate is not one of the lowest in the country, based on the limited information any state has on true infection rates. Probably the most accurate way to gauge infection rate at this time would be number of deaths as a percentage of the state's population. By no means a perfect measure but I would say it is the best we have at the moment.

Gary Lukert


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