A new fund honoring the late Cleve Cook and the Emporia Lion’s Club has been established with the Emporia Community Foundation. 

Cleve and Hildred Cook were lifetime residents of the area and Cleve was noted for his role and impact in the agricultural industry and community activity, including the Lions Club. This fund, established by the family of Cleve and Hildred Cook, will be advised by the Emporia Lion’s Club. The assets of the Cleve Cook fund will be a component fund of the Emporia Community Foundation (ECF) and an advisory committee, established by the Emporia Lion’s Club, will recommend gifts to charities that best represent Mr. Cook’s lifelong interests. 

Areas of concentration will include: agriculture related projects including scholarships, potential business development projects for the Emporia/Lyon County community and to charitable projects determined by the Emporia Lions Club. 

Mr. Cook was an active member of the Emporia community and a member of the Emporia Lions Club for over 50 years and it only seemed natural that the Lions Club be advisors to the fund.

“When club members learned how significant this gift would be we were blown away,” states Dave Eldridge, President of the Emporia Lion’s Club. “The club and its members are exceedingly grateful to the Cleve Cook family for their thoughtfulness and generosity. Club members are very excited to think of the ways this gift is going to benefit the quality of life in Emporia for years to come.”

The Cleve Cook fund was accepted as a component of the Foundation at the January meeting of the ECF Trustees.

“How wonderful this is for Emporia,” stated Mark Schreiber, ECF President. “The main purpose of ECF is to provide for the charitable needs of the Emporia community and our mission emulates Cleve Cooks desire to help the community and the Lions Club commitment to building a brighter future for the community. This gift is an example that shows how people can benefit others through charitable funds established with ECF. I’m sure this fund will be an inspiration for others in the future.”


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