It’s not every day a gender reveal party leads to a call to the fire department, but it happened on Saturday afternoon near Neosho Rapids.

Amanda Crone and Matt Bridges, who are expecting their first child on July 28, invited family and friends to a gender reveal party Saturday. Most gender reveal parties involve colored balloons, but the couple planned a unique reveal.

For added suspense and excitement, the couple set up six Tannerite targets surrounded by colored chalk. The sixth and final target would reveal either pink or blue, indicating either a boy or girl.

“It was the best gender reveal party I have ever been to,” Crone’s cousin Alan Atchison said. “So unique and so Kansas.”

Crone and Bridges took turns firing an AR-15 at the targets. With each detonation, they were a bit closer to knowing the gender of their baby. However, before arriving at the sixth anticipated target, a problem occurred.

“They started taking turns shooting those little flash-bangs,” Crone’s grandmother Jody Indermuehle said. “The last one before the big reveal — Matt’s shot must have hit a rock and caused a spark.”

Tall, dry grass and gusty winds fed the fire. What began as a small fire quickly gave way to a large grass fire leading to a call for help.

“Before they could get water across the pond, it was too big,” Indermuehle said.

“I was really nervous and about to have a heart attack,” Crone said.

The Neosho Rapids and Hartford Fire Departments responded quickly and extinguished the fire. With only one target left to detonate, the firefighters made the decision to stay on site to ensure the reveal went smoothly with no additional blazes.

“They were great, even stayed for the big reveal,” Indermuehle said.

Crone again stepped behind the trigger and fired one final shot. Pink smoke filled the air, finally revealing a baby girl will be joining their family. She has already been given a fitting name — Ember Roselynn.

“Her name had been picked out for a year — we struggled to conceive for a year,” Crone said. “She showed us what she was before we even knew the gender. It was super ironic and awesome.”


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