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Cathryne Scharton/GazetteDeputies Tera Titus and Justin Carr pose for a picture. Charles Moore, not pictured, was also hired as a sheriff's office deputy.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office recently hired three new deputies.

According to Undersheriff John Koelsch there were four openings for deputies; the office had a full staff for a long time, however over the past year there has been one retirement and three other deputies left.

Tera Titus is the first female road deputy hired by the Lyon County Sheriff’s office. Titus joined the sheriff’s office April 11 after working with the Emporia Police Department.

Titus credits the late Greenwood County Sheriff Matt Samuels with sparking her interest in law enforcement.

“He always stopped in Virgil and talked to us kids that were playing and he was like ‘Oh, one day when you’re old enough you can ride with me,’ because I was fairly young at that time. I didn’t get a chance to ride with him after that unfortunate event … It was that time period that I realized that law enforcement is what I wanted to go after — finish high school, went to college, got a degree, got old enough and applied with the Emporia Police Department and got hired.”

“I was ready to get back out to the county,” said Titus. “Coming from a small community, I’m ready to get back with that and see if I can help them with any problems going on,” said Titus.

Justin Carr and Charles Moore were also hired by the sheriff’s office. Moore, a graduate of Hartford High school, was hired as a detention officer in March of 2012. He was hired as a deputy September 2015 and graduated second in his class from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in January 2016. Carr started on April 4.

“My uncle worked for the Emporia Police Department,” said Carr. “And so did my neighbor. They kind of got me interested in it and I have always wanted to help people. I started with the sheriff’s department in 2006 as a jail officer and then the police department offered me a job on the road, so I took that and then I came back over, kind of like coming home to where I got my start.”

Carr said he enjoys getting to know the smaller towns while working throughout the county.


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