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Jessie Wagoner/GazetteFlint Hills Technical College welcomed students and staff back for the first day of the fall semester on Monday.

The Flint Hills Technical College Board of Directors met on Monday for the first meeting of the 2017 - 2018 school year.

Students and staff returned to classes on Monday as well. Dean Hollenbeck, FHTC president, said students and staff are ready for another stellar year at the college.

“We are excited for the first day of classes,” Hollenbeck said. “I was in a staff meeting earlier and told them how excited I am about the new year.”

Recruiting efforts have been strong for FHTC, and there were many new students beginning classes Monday.

“We feel good about enrollment,” Hollenbeck said. “Our staff has worked hard to recruit students and promote FHTC.

Hollenbeck updated the board on the progress of the welding program expansion. The welding program has grown quickly and the college now needs to add on to the building to accommodate the growth.

The college is also focusing heavily on fundraising efforts to revamp the culinary arts program. The remodel would update the kitchen and replace outdated equipment.

“It is a major change, a major undertaking,” Hollenbeck said. “Exciting things are happening here at the institution.”

In other business the board:

Approved financial reports

Received an update on performance agreements

Approved four adjunct contracts, one faculty contract and one mutual consent. There are currently two open positions at FHTC.


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