Bummies closes after 66 years

It’s official, Maria Baumgardner and family have decided that the time has come to close Baumgardner’s, also known as Bummies.

An iconic small town grocery, meat market, locker plant, sandwich deli, soda fountain, coffee shop, and the hub of information in Elmdale was opened in 1947.

Over the years Bummies had changed with the times. Originally the store served Chase County’s rural community with a full line of groceries, produce, hardware items, sporting goods and a full service soda fountain, even offering “curb service” on Saturday nights. Remember, it was the times when everyone up and down the creek would butcher their farm raised beef, pork and chickens, have the beef or pork processed by Bummie and Maria and store it in a locker in town. There was no need to have your own deep freezer at home.

As the times passed, many people moved away from the family farm. As the family farms were being phased out, the schools were consolidated and the need for a full service grocery went by the way side. Along with the 1951 flood, many of the store’s dreams went down the river also.

Maria would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of her friends and customers who have supported her and Bummie over the years. Special thanks for stopping in for a special visit, sharing memories and making sure she was safely across the street.

Maria has moved to Emporia to live with granddaughter, Wendy Moore and her family. Everyone is encouraged to visit her at 1527 Berkeley, or please give her a phone call, her phone number is 343-3735.

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