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As other RSVP volunteers have expressed, Gary Post affirms that the hardest thing about volunteering is saying “no.” For Gary, volunteering is a matter of figuring out what he most wants to do, and then sticking to that agenda.

Post was born in Dodge City. His father was a farmer and his mother worked for the clerk’s office and for the electric company. Post graduated from Fowler High School, which is southwest of Dodge City, then attended college at St. Mary of the Plains. He majored in biology and minored in history. He also became certified to teach. Aside from teaching for several years, Post had a long and interesting career as a county appraiser.

Post is married to Beverly Post, and the couple has four children. The Posts enjoy living in Emporia and Gary regularly takes advantage of the surrounding landscape to ride his bicycle in the Flint Hills. He also spends time painting and attending theater performances with Beverly.

Very soon, Gary Post will become the new president of Emporia Lion’s Club. Lion’s Club has been an important part of Post’s life for over twenty-five years. Through it, he has found a way to give back to the community in which he lives.

Post joined RSVP nearly five years ago, on the advice of a Lion’s Club friend. He says that RSVP is an easy way to keep track of how often and where he volunteers. Post’s favorite thing about volunteering is that it gives him a chance to interact with a variety of people and make meaningful connections.

Through Lion’s Club, Post has had the opportunity to participate in projects involving sight testing for area kindergarteners, furnishing a welding classroom at FHTC, and the construction of the Anderson Building patio. Internationally, Lion’s Club’s main focus areas are hunger, vision, pediatric cancer, the environment and diabetes.

Aside from Lion’s Club, Post has also regularly volunteered at Sacred Heart Church. Originally, he audited a reading class at ESU, with the intention of tutoring college-aged students. Instead, he found himself using his skills to tutor children at Sacred Heart. Last year, Post tutored a Sacred Heart second grader in reading. At the end of the year, the student was happy to receive a Junie B. Jones book from Post, and planned to practice reading the book to her younger sibling over the summer months.

Post suggests that anyone who has an interest in volunteering or in service clubs should check them out. Volunteering is helpful, fun, and fulfilling.

And the best thing about volunteering, according to Gary Post: Not having to say “no.”

—Learn more about Lyon County RSVP at 402 Commercial St. or 340-8258.


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