Allison Garrett

Dr. Allison Garrett was announced as the new Emporia State president Thursday morning. 

Thursday morning, the Kansas Board of Regents announced Allison Garrett as the 17th president of Emporia State University. The Board voted to approve the appointment and officially introduced the new president during a special meeting in the KSTC Ballroom of the Memorial Union on the Emporia State University campus.

“Naming a president of an institution is one of the most important jobs we undertake as a member of the Board of Regents,” stated Shane Bangerter, Chair of the Kansas Board of Regents. “I come before you today confident that the Board has selected the person we believe is the right fit for today and for the future of Emporia State University.”

Garrett, J.D., has served as the Executive Vice President at Abilene Christian University for the past three years, and before that as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Law, Vice President of Benefits and Compliance and as General Counsel, among other positions. A native of Neosho, Missouri, she received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Tulsa, College of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Oklahoma Christian College.

Following the Board’s announcement, Garrett and her husband, Chip Garrett, were introduced to members of the Emporia State University community during a reception. President Garrett will begin her presidency January 2016.

The announcement of Garrett as the 17th president of Emporia State University comes after six months of work by the Presidential Search Committee. Members of the committee received public recognition for their efforts.

“It was a real honor to participate in this process, given the diligent work of the committee and the great candidates that applied,” said Andy Tylicki, Chair of the Presidential Search Committee. “There is true excitement for the future of our university, as we watch Allison Garrett take Emporia State University to the next level of success.”

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Perhaps the regents should have considered our buddy, Melvin for president. He could get rid of all the trashy white folks, and fill up the campus with classy mo-town folks, all under the guise of equality.


Your on topic ,,living in Emporia should be stressed as VERY important for job performance..


Definitely - all I am saying is that an increase in butts should be accompanied by a revenue increase to provide regular pay raises - and as faculty/staff live in Emporia, it further contributes to the economic boom.


Jeb ,we can agree that an increase in butts on campus will bring an economic boom for Emporia😎 "stingers up"


For Emporias positive growth ,l hope she maintains enrollment as a priority...she is fortunate to start at ESU with the fundamental turnaround that her predecessor put in place,im excited at the prospects for ESU "STINGERS UP"


sail: For a variety of reasons, enrollment increases at ESU DOES NOT translate to revenue increase, it is just window dressing to impress outsiders. All the so-called enrollment increases in the past 3 years are due to the new scheme in which dependents of employees study for free and international students lured to campus with tuition lower than what is paid by in-state students. I hope the new President looks into these issues and ensure that tuition revenues actually increase to provide adequate pay raises to faculty and staff.

show me

I watched the live streaming on KVOE this morning when she was officially announced. For her own good, she needs to watch a replay of that announcement video clip, and take note how her hair kept falling over her right eye and above her nose, and her twitching her head to toss her hair out of her face.
I consider that quite annoying and something she needs to change. It does not make her look professional, but more like a school girl, and not like the President of a university. Otherwise, from what I've heard/read about her, I think she'll do fine.


Now I understand why you liked Shonrock [beam][beam][beam]

show me

I'm sure he would smile at your comment as well. I liked him and thought he did well during his time here.
I heard President Garrett on the KVOE 7:17 a.m. News Maker interview today. She was at their station for the interview, not just talking to them by phone like most do. I think that shows very good interest and dedication. I liked her responses to the interview questions as well.


I heard a rumbling sound down south on Commercial Street. I thought it was a buffalo stampede. It turns out it was just our local leaders racing up to the college to suck up to the new president.


Ah, we called it -- the religious lady!

I think her very limited public university education is going to be an issue -- and she may have to work hard to be be unusually patient with ESU faculty as they will likewise have to equally work hard to be unusually patient with her, because she truly is a stranger in a strange land -- but the fact that she is unusually intelligent and has a legal background will undoubtedly help her navigate the differences.

Not having a PhD or the experience of conducting original research may be a bit of a detriment but I don't think it will be a big one, and her high level business background and contacts will hopefully be a big plus.

Welcome to Emporia, Dr. Garrett! We look forward to watching good things to come at ESU.

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