Adulting 101

The topic of the third installment of Basic Adulting 101 will focus on emergency preparedness.

The workshop will take place from 5 - 6:30 p.m. March 29 in room 222 of the Preston Family Room in the Memorial Union at Emporia State University.

The workshop will educate young adults on what they need to know to stay safe in case of a fire, tornado or medical emergency.

“This month is all about emergency preparedness and it’s going to be huge,” said Tiffany Fay, young adult librarian at Emporia Public Library. “We will have law enforcement, SOS, Flint Hills Community Health Center and the Lyon County Extension Office represented.”

Megan Mahoney, lifelong learning librarian at William Allen White Library at ESU, said in terms of emergency preparedness, the workshop will focus on being ready for or coping with natural disasters.

“It is important for young people to come because we grow up in a particular context — school, house, neighborhood — preparing for things like this and then get comfortable,” Mahoney said. “When we are in a new place, like an apartment or a new school, we may realize in the midst of an emergency that we don’t know what to do next.”

Mahoney said most young people have been told and know to go to the basement during a tornado.

“But, what if you live somewhere in college that doesn’t have a basement,” she said. “Where is the next safest place to go? Also, as kids, our parents make a lot of our health care decisions for us. Once we turn 18, that responsibility becomes ours, legally, and — if we don’t live with our parents — in practice. So we need to be ready to designate appropriate emergency contacts, especially if we have no family nearby, and know what to expect if we or one of our friends needs emergency health care.”

Participants will have the opportunity to meet with local law enforcement and health care representatives to form a plan to prepare for the worst case scenario.

“The workshop will start with an activity that SOS is conducting,” Mahoney said. “After that, we’ll have a meet and greet where attendees can walk around and interact with the community partners. The goal for the activity will be for the young people to walk away with a skill that they can use. The meet and greet will give them the chance to meet local organizations and professionals that respond to or support people experiencing an emergency.”

The workshops are a joint effort by EPL and WAW Library at ESU.

“It’s sure to be a very informative session,” Fay said. “It will also be a good opportunity for young people to come and meet their local agencies.”

A raffle will be held with a 115-piece first aid kit and other prizes to be given away.

For more information, contact Fay at 620-412-6877.


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