Let’s talk about one of the two best weeks of the year.

It’s not spring break, though it happens around the same time.

I’m talking about the Emporia Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale.

I’m a huge, unapologetic nerd and consequently there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting around with a book and a cup of hot tea. I have been known to read past my bedtime, when my work schedule allows.

So I know book sales. Other communities — including larger ones — have them as well, but Emporia’s is hands-down the best I’ve been to.

Going to school at Emporia State University, the book sales were a consistent highlight of each semester. I wrote a poem about it once for a class.

Like I said — nerd.

Saturday at 11 a.m., this most-joyous celebration of inexpensive used books and accessible literacy for all opens to the general public. You can bet your eyeteeth, unless something horrible happens, I’ll be there some time that day.

That — the accessibility of literacy — is a big deal, in my opinion.

I love new books. They smell nice and I don’t mind paying for them because I feel the authors deserve my money for their work. It’s harder and more time-consuming than most people realize to write something worth reading.

So, I don’t mind buying new books at all.

But not everyone can afford to pay the cover price for everything they want — or need — to read and services such as this book sale help level the playing field.

Libraries in general are good for this, for obvious reasons. The book sale is doubly wonderful because the money helps the library and because sometimes it’s nice to have some books you own instead of just borrowing them.

Having books in the house is good for children. Just being around books — including ones that belong to their parents — can acclimate them to the concept of literature.

So no matter who you are, if your bookshelves are feeling a bit empty or even if they’re full to bursting, it might be worth stopping by Saturday - Thursday at noon next week.

Lydia Kautz


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