With much interest, I read Bill Hartman’s commentary about cell phones in class. I also spent a good portion of my working life in post secondary education, and I just wanted to point out all of the college students who pay tuition to sit in rooms all over ESU’s campus and spend the class time on their phones. At times, I would remind them of various locations around campus where they could spend hours perusing their phones for free! I think most of them were hoping that, by some educational miracle, at the end of 4 years, some kindly person in a long black robe and a funny hat would give them a document that they had been told was important.

You will, perhaps, be concerned about our future in this country if these students are the ones who will be in charge. Alas, all is not lost! There are many fine students who work hard, are a credit to their generation, and will do an outstanding job of taking care of our great country.

Julie Gifford,


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