Thank you President Trump!

I want to say thank you to the greatest President in my 65-year lifetime! Our great President, Mr. Trump! I also want to say thank you to our classy and sincere First Lady and First Family!

I have never been more excited or more proud of our country than I am since we elected President Trump! I feel like a breath of fresh air finally has made its way into politics!

President Trump runs our country like a business, with a goal and keen eye for improving the lives of every single person in the USA.

The accomplishments he has completed in his first term have been phenomenal! You know the list, just look at our economy, yet the left can’t accept it! They call it Trump Derangement Syndrome! I think it’s funny that everything he does is so right and it drives them so crazy.

We all know a lot of the things he has had to fix have hurt, but he has had to correct a generation or more of failures that our previous so-called leaders failed to do!

President Trump is doing the right things and the hard things to make our country great again! Everything he is doing is in our best long-term interest! If you think those who do not like us are not in it for the long haul, you are sadly mistaken.

As the left goes to the gutter to trash our great President Trump and First family, just smile and realize “Trump 4-More Years!!” The facts speak louder than their lies ever will, and no matter what they say or do he will be our President in 2020!

Remember “Trump 4-More Years!!”

Dan Smoots


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Poor Farmer? since when has there been a poor farmer 1968? Farmers have gotten tons of federa laid forever. if they grow too much they get money, if they grow too little they get money. If a Hamburger stand doesn't meet they're sales goals , tough. But if a farmer looses even a dollar OH MY GOD!!! they might not get to buy a brand new dually every other year , I mean keeping a truck 3 years , well that's too much to ask , Just let the Chinese run the world economy , Cain't ask farmers to tighten they're belts even one hole


Yep Trump is turning Kansas farmers into welfare queens. Maybe it's time to start making farmers line up at the welfare office for drug screening like the other welfare queens. The real shame is these welfare queens will still go vote for the guy who put them in that situation.


This may change when Senator Roberts retires as he has been in there promoting the farmers of Kansas. Roberts will not be running in 2020, and I believe he had quite a bite of "clout" in the Senate. Also, just like any other business, one must find a way to stay competitive or go under. Paying farmers not to grow crops and let fields set empty in order to keep prices up has never been right. Goodbye Senator Roberts, maybe your replacement will return emails!

Comment deleted.

Thank you.


My wife came here a few years ago. She’s a citizen now. We will vote for Trump on 2020. We need a good government. America should be the supreme power it once was. Not purposely diminished like what Obama did. No bowing to other nations. We are America and that should mean something.

This is just how we will vote.

Good article here!

jean b

trump, with his idiotic economic policies and stupid trade wars that are making farmers the new welfare queens, is leading the United States into another Recession. This is only thing the gop excels at anymore-Recessions, Huge Tax Cuts for the Filthy Rich and Hate. It appears that the trumpers on this feed will have to find some other reason to like mr. gasbag since the recession is around the corner. Oh wait, I bet Hillary's emails are causing it.


I am not for trump but the released IRS data showed that the only bracket that paid higher taxes was those making over 1 million a year.


We swing from one extreme president to another. Isn't Trump the opposite of Obama? Wasn't Obama the opposite of Bush Jr? Wasn't Bush Jr the opposite of Clinton? Wasn't Clinton the opposite of Bush Sr?

Back, and forth, back and forth. Hoping, this next extreme, this next King, (or Queen) will solve all of our problems.

How are those problems? Have they gone away yet?

If you are still wondering why we have Term Limits on Presidents, but not on Congress. Does judge shopping get under your skin? Do you like your tax dollars paying for lawyers who sue the government, in order to set precedent and force you to live under MORE regulations?

If you are still wondering how many rules and regulations you break, while at work, dropping the kids off to school, making dinner for your family. If you worried about how much the government is dipping into your pocket and how much will be taken from your children, then, come check out out the solution that is as big as the problem.

That solution is in your Constitution. Article V.

Convention of States has picked up 15 states as of this year!

Love, love, love my 1ST Amendment!

I will not boycott ANYONE, based on the desire to voice your opinion! I have no doubt Fanestil probably employs democrats too!!! Those employees should be punished for opinions of the owner? --- Boycotting your own community? Who will pay those taxes? Hire those Republicans and Democrats, when it is gone? Since you don't like this company, make your own. Put your politics on display! No one is stopping you !!!



The last few amendments to the constitution were in the 60s and 70s by a 2/3 congressional vote. The last convention was in the 1800s. Clearly a convention is not necessary to add amendments. Is it no surprise that all CoS supports on the websites are conservatives? This is a last ditch effort because they know their demographic is dying out. CoS is a minority party and their goal is to have a majority of the states in a last chance of a power grab to change constitution in order to serve the 1% Koch brothers interest. You love, love, love your first amendment but what if at a convention it is changed & don't say it is not possible because it definitely is


Dan - TDS is real. Thanks for shedding light to a real problem facing the area. Love your products and love seeing them in my local grocery store in Marion. Would love to talk to you some time about the project I work on which is very active in Emporia. Convention of States is truly the long term solution to fix dysfunctional DC along with getting Term Limits and a Balanced Budget Amendment.



Dan did not shed light to any real problems or even state any problems facing the area, and if you consider it a problem with those who have differing opinions than you than there are bigger problems.

I do agree with you that term limits and a balanced budget need to be altered, but those problems can be solved with the system we have now which if you do not know is introducing a bill, and having house, senate vote, on until it either is put into place or is not. Furthermore, I do not know why conservatives would want term limits because Pat Roberts, someone who represented Kansas but did not live there, would not of held office as long as it did.

Why would anyone ever think having 2/3 of states in the United States approve something into law is a good idea? There are naturally more red states than blue states, so even if the amendment proposed was not above was disapproved by over half the population it could still get passed based off the ideology of a state. This makes no sense from your perspective and you would never want it if the sides were flipped against your ideology.

The system we have in place is perfect to where each state is represented and they have votes based off their population. For example, California has a higher population than Wyoming, but way more people. I think you and everyone else would reasonable presume California should have more sway in election because if they didn’t many peoples votes would be worthless. I find it odd that you are in favor of fighting for something that the confederates wanted badly. Don’t get me wrong states have some power, but they should not have the end all be all too where they are each their own country like Europe. Hence the word United in United States.


Confederates supported Article V?


Why then, did they choose to leave the Union when "Free-States" were added to the Union, giving enough states, the needed number under Article V, to finally pass the 13 Amendment?

I love how you refer to anyone who disagrees WITH YOU, as a racist, in support of prior slave ideology.

Imagine that, can't change the facts so you try to get everyone to ignore them by claiming those facts as "racist".


Look here look listen, first of all I agree to a certain extent with what David was saying I just did not like his method of getting to the solution which is the convention of states idea this can be noted when I said “I do agree with you that term limits and a balanced budget need to be altered, but those problems can be solved with the system we have now” I never said he was racist my point being was that the Confederates fought for beliefs that only benefited a small percentage of the nation while the Union fought for beliefs that benefited more people overall rather than 1%, and I think the COS would do the same. The movement sounds good because it give the “power back to the people” but really they want it to happen and then the 1% ie the Koch Brothers will end up taking control of things.

I respect your belief because you are passionate about this issue based off your comment history. Even though it is possible for the CoS to happen and could end up being beneficial for country, I think it sets a dangerous precedent. In addition, our Congress is polarizing now imagine if it were on full display at a convention. If you are a person who hates how divided/partisan are country is now I believe a convention would further intensify it.

Finally, why does your movement want to rewrite to constitution which is what the overall attempt of this movement. Even though your website says it wants term limits, balanced budget, etc. they use those “talking points” to get older people with too much time on their hands to rally behind a movement. At a convention like this there is chance that some of things you want such as term limits budget could be changed, but there is chance that the first amendment could be removed. I will take my chances on using the current method as it is the method thus far that has us the richest country in the world and most accessible.

Sgt K

Trump 2020, 2024, 2028.........[beam]


Imagine thinking someone is less than you when they were born inside the boundaries of a different imaginary lines than you.

By a quick glance the economy is doing well, but that is because the top corporations (Amazon, Apple, and Google) are carrying it so heavily since they pay ZERO taxes. They actually get credit back which was around 2.5 M in 2018 for Amazon. This allows them to reinvest in their business or more commonly buy back their shares which inflates their stock price higher than what the book value actually end up being. Looking at DOW Jones or S&P 500 as a whole is a disingenuous way of looking at the economy; furthermore, you would never buy a house by just looking at the outside you would want to make the inner workings of the house i.e. electricity water are working properly. The same thing could be directed at the economy.

Trump did defeat Hilary, but do not act like you would accept Hilary as President if she won the electoral vote and lost the popular vote a la Trump. SnowGypsy mentioned protesting products will probably not work. I think they would consider them self a proud American which is awesome, but I think it is foolish to underestimate the power of protest (not buying a product such as meat) because that is what the founding of this country was about.

If I were Dan Smoots how I could support a guy who gave a thumbs up in a picture with baby whose parents were murdered. How could you support a “man” who has the audacity to act like his visit to El Paso was a celebrity meet up? Imagine the mayor or city manager of Emporia going to horrific event in Emporia talked to the families and took a selfie with them afterwards—he or in some cases she would be lambasted.

I'm sure Dan Smoots is a nice guy would not harm a fly, but taking the time out of your day to praise someone and offer zero specific let alone kind of specific points is just an indication he does not have a deep understanding of the issues this country is facing. He says Trump is running this country like a business which in the goal is to increase our profits! Yet he doesn’t acknowledge that our budget deficit continually increases each year, and in the shortcoming we will be losing thousands of jobs due to automation.

Imagine how insecure you would have to be about hearing differing viewpoints to write to the Emporia Gazette opinion page. He seems to me he is caught in the endless cycle of being an owner which is surrounding himself with people who will never challenge his views which could open his perspective. He reaffirms these positions by watching Fox News and reading "conservative" comments online while only ignoring ones that counter his. He then claims the others to be false and dismisses them through claiming other have Trump Degenerate Syndrome. Sorry, I accidental Trump and Smoots at the same time!


Think I'll go buy some party time ham goes good with liberal tears


Trump 2020 , might be soooo many jobs no one will have time to read Gary's Comments


I approve of this post. Oh an if you would not allow your kin to work in a chicken plant or "pick vegetables" then why have Mexicans do it, seems kinda like liberal racism, IE:in response to a liberal comment

Comment deleted.

Jones is the worst kind of fear monger. We've all skimmed your ads in the paper, and passed on investigating them in depth. You are easily pegged as a conspiracy theorist. Do you know what a conspiracy is without any facts? It's a fairy tale.

Tell us another scary story, old man.

Comment deleted.

I think God is sad right now. All people are created equal ....not just in America but everywhere. Do you think God just said...oh, those people in America are the heavenliest by far? No, no, no...we are all human beings. The filth that spews from the person we have in office(I refuse to call him a President) is not Presidential and is embarrassing. He incites hatred and does not bring our country together. He disgusts me and the sooner he is gone the better.

Comment deleted.

The American Free Press is a neo-Nazi publication.


Fanestil and Trump will continue to thrive despite all the "catty" remarks here. We have heard it all before. And, for info purposes for those that missed it in school, a race of people is not "illegal aliens" nor Mexicans, nor Muslims, etc. And, the liar was defeated and your continued "sour grapes" over Hillary losing has just gotten ridiculous. Of course, if President Trump wasn't doing so well, all these grumpy people wouldn't be posting the same old crap about our President. While there is an effort to liberalize Emporia, it has yet to be successful. The Gazette continues to promote an anti-American liberal agenda which I am sure hurts them when it comes to subscriptions, but they make the choice.


If the Gazette was anti-American, we'd see the likes of Ann Coulter everyday, and each page would quote the people listed in KB's ads. "the liar" is sitting in the Oval Office, and what you saw in the House in 2018 is what the liberal effort is aiming to do in the Senate and with the Presidency in 2020. If we succeed, this country has a chance, and so does the planet.

Comment deleted.

Oh come on KB, this is nothing but foolishness, and you know it but you will never admit it. Trump is retaliating against Mexican laborers by hunting them down. Do you plan on going to work in a chicken plant or beef processing? I don't see you picking vegetables or fruit for market or roofing houses or cutting trees. No, that might take you away from your precious You Tube. Wow. Obama vacations? Are you nuts? Your racist Trump and his golf trips have cost us millions and millions and millions even though he put Obama down for playing golf. What a hypocrite. That's okay, won't be long now and we'll be learning all about him from Epstein's documents. There's no statute of limitations on having sex with minors you know.


Wow, it's easy to see where the moral compass sits for Dan Smoots and the rest of the Trump supporters in love with the economy. In their own pockets, and not one whit of concern for the rest of the country. By the way, have you jokers seen the stock market in the past couple of days? Farmers going broke with the tariffs on top of that. Wow, I never thought there'd be so many blind people in one small community as this.

burn'n daylight

If Mr Trump is a racist, then so am I. Don't live in town anymore, but next time I am in town I will be going to the meat shop on the highway to buy bacon or brats. Didn't know there were so many liberal winey butted democrats in emporia...


They are only a noisy minority, but their "panties are in a wad" thinking if Trump is re-elected that they won't get their free stuff and see the laws not enforced dare someone be offended by it. Fanestil gives discounts to veterans on Monday, and seniors on Tuesday! When you have someone promising free stuff, people get all grumpy if they think it might not become a reality. Also, employers love cheap labor and just let the taxpayers carry the rest of the cost.


None of us are asking for "free stuff." None of the Democratic candidates are promising "free stuff." We want our tax dollars to contribute to a modern, humane, decent society. Free stuff is when already profitable corporations get tax cuts and many of them not only pay no income tax, but also get subsidies that they don't need.


Free childcare (Elizabeth Warren) - if you can't afford childcare, maybe consider birth control? Community and 4 year college free for those coming from families making less than $125,000 a year (Bernie Sanders) and Warren adds forgiving student loans in the amount of $50,000 for graduates making less than $100,000 a year. A jobs program and if you don't want to or are unable to work, you would be promised economic security - Ocasio Cortez. Free stuff from the taxpayers is free stuff, and we already give enough free stuff out. The Dems always promise "a hand out" which is actually becoming an issue now with those that are providing that "hand out". They clock the cost at about 93 trillion.

Then the reparations, affordable housing for all, Medicare for all............

Hand outs will not "Make America Great Again". Getting every person that is able-bodied a job will.

We aren't g


WELL, Your 1st sentence is YOUR WORDS.


George Washington: "I cannot tell a lie."

Richard Nixon: "I cannot tell the truth."

Donald Trump: "I cannot tell the difference."

I won't be buying from Fanestils in the future, and will suggest the same to anyone else I know who sees tRump as the lying, racist, womanizing conman that he is. For the record, the last box of bacon I bought was CRAP. Mostly fat and mangled pieces. I'm out, Smoots.


Our EXTENDED family will never buy Fanestil products again, because we won’t be supporting a person who can turn a blind eye to the of racist, misogynistic, lying fool currently occupying the office of U.S. President.


Racist? Do you mean the President that is trying to enforce our immigration laws? I thinking that has to be it, as people of all races are doing well in the Trump economy. You do realize that "illegal alien" is not a race, right? The "lying fool wasn't elected", Trump defeated Hillary! Yeah, I don't think a handful of people not buying from Fanesil will make one bite of difference especially with the limited choices here in town, but if it makes you and your extended family happy, that is all that matters on your end.


How about racist because he was sued in court for discrimination against people of color? How about racist because he declared White Supremacists and KKK members were "fine people"? Why do you think both groups have officially come out in support of him?

The majority of American voters chose Hillary Clinton - the antiquated Electoral College put Trump in the chair.

Smoots will receive no more of my business. Does my refusal to purchase goods from him really hurt him? No. Will 50 people deciding not to purchase from him make a difference? Ask John Schnatter.


Thank you.

Comment deleted.

I don't believe that Jesus will be voting one way or the other. I do know that many prayers have been said regarding many of the issues that President Trump is addressing though.

Comment deleted.

Spot on.


Mr. Smoots, I wouldn't worry about the few individuals on this post who say they will no longer buy Fanesti products....They tried that with Chic-fil-A, they went from the 7th largest American fast food business to the 3rd largest. There are a lot more of US than there are of them... We are the silent majority... the hard working citizens of the USA who love God, who love our President, our country, our flag, our Constitution, our national anthem and the rights we possess as Americans. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy week to lift up our President and the great job he is doing! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP! GOD BLESS THE USA!


I'm really going to miss Party Ham and Party Turkey, but I'm really done with Fantails now.


But, with the improving economy under President Trump, many others will be able to shop there. Choice is good.


All you folks that think Trump is the great savior riding in on a white horse, should take the time to try to find their Bible, if they have one. If they find it, & study it, they will find that it tells us that in the last days, what appears to be the great savior, will in fact be the anti-Christ. Trump certainly fits some of the criteria listed.


Good to know where people stand. Interesting that Mr Smoots accepts this president and all of his flaws as the next coming of Jesus Christ. Good to know that he will accept lying, cheating on your wife, racism , con man tactics As acceptable as long as the money is there. It shows his greed. From what I hear mr. Smoots should be on a domestic terrorist watch list. I hear he walked into a restaurant in Strong City and proclaimed loudly that democrats should be rounded up and hung high. That right there tells you a lot about this man who thinks that selling meat products makes his word important.

Jeanette K

#MAGA I'm right there with you. Sad to see how many here are going thru life with eyes wide shut. Do your own research folks. It's not THAT hard. #WWG1WGA, #Q,


Liberal Democrats do not have any interest in facts. They are fed a diet of liberal media, so much easier than "research". Facts are not the friends of Liberal Democrats. I look forward to voting for President Trump again in 2020 as do many others. Most of this liberal whining has to do with the fact that they have no viable candidate for 2020. The economy really has them sweating it out. What they don't realize is that Trump's tax returns, what he did in his personal life (and the libs overlooked the Clinton's numerous sins), that he threw spit balls in grade school, etc. isn't as important as Americans having jobs and trying to correct the mess that Obama left. And, they can't even define "racist" when asked as some how they missed in school what a race of people actually is - I am blown away by their ignorance! The Democrats have no platform unless maybe "free stuff and no law enforcement" which I just think the majority will not support. Bernie? Free for all! The woman and child groper? Oh, yeah, Biden his name slipped my mind for a second. HaHaHa!


The first statement of your post is, in fact, a lie, rendering the balance of your post, without validity. I would argue that it is the tRumplicans (are any of them REAL Republicans) that care little for facts, as it seems so easy for them to ignore so many abhorrent ones about their Orange Emperor. All I would add to my assessment of tRump supporters is this:

Mark 8:36 King James Version (KJV)

36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Enjoy your Fanestil baloney while looking for your soul.


Bible quotes? Not worth my time to explain the invalidity of that.

jean b

It's no doubt donald trump and his nudie model wife are the loves of Mr. Smoots' life, but seriously, Mr. Smoots listed NO accomplishments of this administration except we have a good economy. Well trump inherited that one from President Obama. trump is a bully, a windbag, a liar, a cheater, a draft dodger, a tax dodger, a racist and a thoroughly disgusting individual. But to each his own.


A good economy? You think that isn't anything? And, he didn't inherit it from Obama. No one said they wanted to date him or have him for their best friend, but as the person in charge of making America great again, which as it turns out, a businessman was the way to go. I can't believe the jealousy over President Trump's wife either. She has turned out to be a very classy First Lady.


I didn't think anything could get me to stop buying Fanestil, but this article did the trick. [sad]


How’d that kind of boycott work out for Nike? Lol



That anyone who owns a small business could think that supporting Trump and publicizing it are fit into a good business plan is beyond me. All I can say is that I will never support Fanestil Meats again and I'll do my best to make certain no one I knows purchases any products from this idiots company again. There are many better local products out there and it doesn't take much effort to find them.


Oh nooo. A boycott... how’d that work out for Nike?? I think it helped if I recall.


This op-ed pretty much says it all...

This photo-op makes me sick to my stomach and makes my blood boil at the same time - how dare he! Beyond repulsive.


Not sure how anyone could call him a success. All I've seen him do around here is turn soybean farmers into socialists.


What an idiot.

KB Thomas

Review Trumps top 10 Achievements for 2018 online. Then review 6 reasons why Obama is the worst President in history Real Clear Politics.

burn'n daylight

Good, no excellent post. All I can say is Trump, 2020. You will have more people commenting against Mr Trump, but this paper has turned into a liberal piece. The only reason I look at it is to see who died. Just happen to catch your title. Thanks for sharing, knowing that Trump will win again... Have a perfect day...

Ma Barker

Are burn'n daylight and KB Thomas the same person?

Standing By

I have trouble believing a businessman who succeeded & prospered under the policies of the “previous so-called leaders” could have written this.




This is so wrong headed it doesn't deserve a real rebuttal. Trump is an individual who is a racist, misogynistic, idiot and those who support him will find that their support reaps what they sow. Our country has become a frightening place in the last 2-1/2 years and it will take decades to right all the wrong that has been inflicted on our citizens and policy once our democracy finds its footing again after 2020. Trump deserves to be impeached but the Republicans who are too afraid they will affect their bank balances will not allow it. No one deserves to be represented by people who put themselves before the country and her citizens.

KB Thomas

Review Amazing Revelation of President Trump in the Bible Jonathan Cahn.


How many businesses have a deficit of over $1 trillion a year? China recently announced it was halting all agriculture imports from the U.S. due to Trump's trade war. The U.S. economy has been improving steadily since 2010. While his tax breaks to the rich in this country has bolstered the market, there are still a number of indicators saying the economy is faltering. Trump is wrapped in racism and proud of it. We have groups like the neo-Nazis and the KKK marching in the streets in droves - something I thought we were done with in the 1960's. The number of verifiable lies told by Trump was more frequent than 1 per day over his first 2 years. Yes, you have Trump Derangement Syndrome. You should see some professional help.



Alphonse Sicard

This is just sad. For my sake I hope your 2020 predictions are wrong.

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