The House released a 300-page impeachment report last week detailing wrongdoing by President Donald Trump when he asked the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt to smear former Vice President Joe Biden, one of his chief rivals in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump has insisted that the entire story, based on his phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky, is a “hoax.”

But testimony by multiple administration officials, including White House transcripts, prove that Trump did make such a request.

The House Intelligence Committee was scheduled to vote on its final impeachment report this week and to ask other investigative panels to submit the results of their own findings, including the results of the monthslong probe by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

”The president engaged in this course of conduct for the benefit of his own presidential re-election, to harm the election prospects of a political rival, and to influence our nation’s upcoming presidential election to his advantage,” the House report said.

Thus, the report continued, “The president placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the United States, sought to undermine the integrity of the U.S. presidential election process, and endangered U.S. national security.

”Donald Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to seek to completely obstruct an impeachment inquiry. ... He also directed all federal officials in the executive branch not to testify — even when compelled. No other president has flouted the Constitution and power of Congress to conduct oversight to this extent,” the report added.

While the Democrat-written report doesn’t list each and every charge he could face in any articles of impeachment, it signals that he will be accused of obstruction of Congress, noting that at least a dozen witnesses “followed President Trump’s orders, defying voluntary requests and lawful subpoenas, and refusing to testify.”

At the heart of Congress’ case are transcripts of the president’s phone conversation with Zelensky on July 25, in which Trump asks the Ukrainian president to launch a full-blown investigation into Biden and his son Hunter, who was put on the board of a major energy company in Kyiv.

At stake for Zelensky was nearly $400 million in critically needed U.S. military aid to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian military aggression — assistance Trump had, for some suspicious reason, put on hold.

Transcripts of Trump’s phone call with Zelensky show that the Ukrainian president brought up the needed funds for his country’s survival.

Making the story murkier is Rudolph Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, who, records show, called the White House at least seven times on April 24.

”The records do not provide any details about the nature of the calls or whether Giuliani spoke with Trump,” The Washington Post reported on Wednesday. “On Twitter and in television that day, Giuliani promoted the debunked theory, embraced by the president, about alleged Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election.”

Meantime, Trump continues to say he has done nothing wrong and continued to call the impeachment process a “hoax” and a “witch hunt.”

”I think it’s a disgrace. I think the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves,” he said during a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in London at a NATO summit.

But polls show that Americans remain deeply divided on whether Trump should be impeached.

A Washington Post “average of nationally representative polls conducted since the start of the public hearings on Nov. 13 found that the level of support for impeaching and removing Trump stood at 47 percent — little different from that 47 percent in the two weeks before before the hearings began and 48 percent earlier in October.”

There is still a week or two more before the Democratic controlled House is ready to bring articles of impeachment to a vote.

Meantime, the White House is focusing on the “trial” in the Republican-run Senate, where Trump’s conviction — and removal from office — still seems unlikely.

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The thing that brings me the most joy this holiday season is the fact this impeachment will bother Trump to no end until the day he dies. Forever his name will be on the very small infamous list of impeached US presidents, right next to Clinton. The only thing that will make this even better is if Pelosi never sends this over to Moscow Mitch, since he has already made up his mind and is incapable of providing a fair trial. Trump deserves to forever be impeached, never acquitted.

Trump also now holds the record for most Yea votes ever acquired on an article of impeachment at 230. He's also second place at 229... he can finally say he beat Obama at something and won the popular vote!

And being impeached by a bi-partisan vote is icing on the cake. Unless you're Republican... then you'll try to bend the truth and say it was only bi-partisan because Republicans along with 3 Democrats voted Nay, but it was partisan when Democrats along with an Independent (Amash is just a Republican with a conscience) voted Yea. Double standards.... SAAAD! Two political parties voted yea, 2 voted nay. That is bi-partisan by definition.


Markets continue to set new record highs as congress is gridlocked doing nothing. Keep it up!

Gary Lukert

Doesn't Matter what the Markets are doing. Trump is a Crook, guilty of Treason, Liar, Should be in Jail. Besides, the Economy was set in motion by President Obama, who is an American, and TRUMP is a Russian Communist; Trump is Putin's "Pin Up Boy!"

Gary Lukert

It is so sick so many CHRISTIANS Love Trump! If someone killed your sister, would you still want him free?

Gary Lukert

Gridlock has NOTHING to do with Impeachment! Gridlock is what happens when there are 2 decidedly points of view, two polar opposites. However, I assume you think the Democrats should just go along, well, like...just do what the MOB tells you to do, or you and your family will be killed. Well, you know, now that I think about it...I am sure Trump will be put into the MOBSTERS HALL OF FAME. Trump believes the Racist Lynchers are good people...HE SAID IT!!


Last time I checked the stock market isn't the economy.

Congress is doing nothing? They've passed over 400 bills and sent them to #MoscowMitch desk. Let's hear it though? "All those bills are socialist based and set to destroy our country!"


Last time i checked the stock market does reflect the state of the economy. Low unemployment, better wages and higher GDP.

Gary Lukert

Doesn't matter. Trump is a Crook! No matter what or how good you do, when you are a crook you go to jail!

Gary Lukert

OK, Trumpers, I got an easy question for quickly absolve Trump's Impeachment: If Trump is Innocent, he should be able to easily prove it. SIMPLY provide all of the documents, information that prove it. Also, allow everyone to testify. If he is as innocent, as you say, he could end this in a could have from the start. Why doesn't he? Well, YOU KNOW, as well as I...Trump is Guilty as Heaven (well, you know, I am not allowed by the Gazette to use that "other" H word! He is just like every crook...always blaming everyone.

Gary Lukert

Why is it Republicans, who USED TO BE so much in Favor of "...the Rule of Law...", now aren't. Trump broke the law. And, because Trump did, they want to blame HUNTER Biden. Hey, if someone burns your house down, DO you want the Law to let that person off...and blame your son for it, as the Republicans are doing with Trump?


Trump should be arrested, locked up...without Bail. ALSO, Could you Imagine TRUMP and the Republicans, IF that Saudi Air Force person, who was Training with Americans, at an American Base--the person who Mass Killed SHOT 3 American Air Force people...and wounded 8 more....THEY WOULD HAVE RAILED AT OBAMA til heaven wouldn't have it! Yet, now, hardly a peep: Whether Obama or Trump, why in HEAVEN are we having them train here, anyway? The Democrats, sadly, are just too stupid! They should be railing everyday about...."Crooked, Lying Trump, LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP!" The Democrats just sit there and take it!


The democrats have tried to get rid of Trump ever since he was elected president. They just can't believe that Hillary could have lost so it must have been the Russians. The reason she lost is not that we thought Trump would be a good president is that me and 63 million voters hated Hillary more. On the Biden thing he did all his activities while he was Vice President which should have been investigated then because he bragged about getting the one fired that was going to investigate Biden son. All this impeachment stuff is all hearsay and not one viable witness that can tell you exactly what happen, and all this nonsense is away to get rid of President Trump because there no way any of the Democratic candidates can beat him in 2020.

Gary Lukert

Republicans always act to HOLY! Yet, they are nothing but, Liars, Crooks,Thieves, Traitors! Republican's Investigated Bill and Hillary Clinton for all 8 years they were in office. When OBAMA was ELECTED...and he also had a huge majority of VOTES--Trump is a MINORITY President! Hillary kicked Trump's behind by 3 Million Votes! No, I an not quarreling with the Electoral College, Trump WAS NOT The CHOICE of the People. Also, I need to Remind the Republicans...that a few weeks BEFORE the Election there was a story that Trump could win the Popular Vote, BUT, HILLARY would win the Election...with the Electoral College. TRUMPS response was it was rigged! But, after it went the OTHER Way, and Trump lost the Popular...but, won the Electoral College...TRUMP THEN THOUGHT THE ELECTORAL VOTE WAS OK. Trouble is, while I am a Democrat, the DEMOCRATS ARE SO STUPID. They never point this out. Every time Hillary talks, she should say, just to remind you Donny Boy, I, HILLARY CLINTON WAS THE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE, YOU WERE NOT! I beat you by 3 million Votes! (NOTE, YOU Republicans KNOW what you can do with your "Voting Fraud, Illegal voter garbage! IT IS A LIE.) But, Republicans ARE Exceptional Liars!

Gary Lukert

Regarding the Bidens, even if they were and are the worst crooks in the world THAT DOES NOT MEAN Trump is innocent! You are advancing a Lie! Trump the MOB Boss!

Gary Lukert

WELL 66 Million hated TRUMP More! Hillary is the Choice of the people! Hillary Beat Trump!!!!!


I know it makes Republicans Sick, but: It was Hillary 66 Million. Crooked Trump 63 Million. The People's Choice is Hillary! Republicans will only say that 63 Million voted for Trump. Chickens.

Gary Lukert

That's because Trump is a Crook, a Liar, a Bully, a Criminal! Plus, Guilty of Treason! Trump has Criminally used his Administration to Blackmail a foreign provide lying testimony about a political opponent, Joe Biden. Trump is so scared.


Meanwhile as government continues to do nothing productive, which is just fine, the market and the economy continue. To prosper. The Dow up 10000 puts since trump elected and unemployment lowest on historical record. So keep pushing a nonwinable agenda and get out of the way of the locomotive!

Gary Lukert

I do need to remind Republicans that Obama had the Country up & rolling. Republicans NEVER talk about the Dumper the USA was in before Obama took over. Trump had easy sailing. Also, Donald Trump is Crooked, he is a Liar, Backstabber, also used the facilities of the Government to try to manufacture lying dirt against a possible 2020 Democratic Opponent. He blackmailed Ukraine to try to get them to make up dirt on Joe Biden. Trump also has wrongly made millions off his properties. Even attempted to host a meeting of world leaders at his Golf Course. He is filthy mouthed. Makes fun of people with disabilities. Lies about everyone. A Crook, Should be in Jail! Also, Trump broke the law when he accepted an illegal phony Medical lifetime deferment from the Military. Trump was a Chicken, Yellow. Guilty also of Treason.


Once again, nothing is going to happen to trump. Let him resolve the trade issues so free markets can run before dens try to screw it up!


I agree that nothing is going to happen to Trump. Once his impeachment hits the senate, it's going to be like having Jeff Epstein as a juror in the trial of one of his pedophile friends. Several Republicans have already said how they would vote before the trial has even begun... imagine if a jury pool made statements that they would find a defendant not guilty before even stepping foot in the court room... pretty SAAAD!

Gary Lukert

Trump is a Crook, should be in Jail. If a Doctor would shoot and kill someone, he doesn't get let off because he is a Super Surgeon. If someone Stole your fortune, you wouldn't want him set free because he is a Super Financial Adviser. Quite honestly, since he is a don't care what he steals, what lies he tells, him being guilty of Treason. To Republicans, their highly touted Rule of Law does NOT matter, when it is Republicans!


Or another title for the article could have been "House Democrats Take Another Step In Their Desperation To Remove Trump From Office Due To A Lack Of A Viable Candidate To Run Against Him" or just "Those Dumb Democrats".

Gary Lukert

Trump is a crook! If Trump and you...believed there is no Viable Candidate to run against him, why has Trump broken the law to try to destroy Joe Biden? Also, if Trump is so innocent, why does he block those in his administration to Testify. I Trump is so innocent (and, I really believe that you and the Republicans believe he IS GUILTY), WHY doesn't he just insist his people testify, and end it?

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