Rep. Roger Marshall went down to the Mexico border last week to check on the health of those applying for asylum.

He and the other doctors who traveled with him offered no medical care, he said, because their out-of-state licenses wouldn’t allow them to practice medicine. At no point did Marshall enter the detention centers where migrant children are being kept by the United States government. These detention centers have been subject to claims of illness, abuse, and unsanitary conditions lately, according to reports by CNN, the New York Times, and numerous other news organizations.

Marshall witnessed the intake of immigrants, he said, but didn’t visit a child detention facility.

He did, however, have an opinion to offer on the general health of those attempting to cross the border. He described the situation as a “crisis” which he believed could only be fixed by the liberal application of a wall to the United State’s southern border.

“The take-home message to me is that President (Donald) Trump is right,” Marshall said. “We do have to secure the border, we have to build the wall. Otherwise there’s just going to be more and more people coming and it could even get worse.”

During his time on the border, Marshall saw three families walk up to the border out of the river who had been traveling for about a month.

“They’d been on the road for 30 days, hadn’t showered, barely eaten, they were dehydrated,” he said.

They turned themselves in at the border, hoping to be granted asylum.

Marshall said he believes immigrants are turning themselves in at the border because they’ll “get fed, housing, healthcare” and an asylum hearing.

“It’s relief,” he said. “Just relief from a brutal journey.”

Marshall listed a healthcare facility where many young children were being treated.

“A large number of them were under the age of 10,” he said. “You get 4-year-old to 5-year-old unaccompanied minors — people without parents. So just to see 40, 50, 60 sick kids, under the age of 10 without a parent. It is very overwhelming. They’re not with a parent because because the parent hired the cartel to get them across the border or else they were kidnapped — something else happened.”

Health conditions Marshall said he witnessed included scabies, lice, measles, mumps, and flu.

He said about 10 — 15 percent of the people processed each day at the border need medical attention of some kind.

He praised border control agents and doctors at the border.

“The money we’re giving them will help with the problem, but it’s not going to cure the problem,” Marshall said.

Marshall said he wants to see changes to the current laws.

“Congress needs to do its job and fix this broken immigration system that we have now,” Marshall said. “The judicial committee needs to get on the job and rewrite the legislation that fixes the problem and the problem is our current laws promote asylum. So we need to close that loophole. Right now, anybody from Central America that crosses our border with a child is pretty well guaranteed an asylum here and no matter what they say or what the real reason is.”

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Amazing how many govt officials run to the border to express outrage at conditions and immediately approve over 4 billion dollars and where is the money and outrage for the country’s sick and homeless. Guess it is not the photo op they are looking for.


And, I thought there was no crisis at the border per the Dems thus there should be no need for all of this funding.


Most of these people are economic immigrants looking for the cash, housing and healthcare that asylum would bring them thus the reason coming to Uncle Sam's porch is so attractive. Mexico should have jobs for them, I know they offered jobs to some of the people in the caravans, but very few were interested in jobs. Why work when you can just chill out and let the government take care of you? We already have enough citizens doing that and certainly don't need to import anymore. Stop all aid to countries that have these people "fleeing", and use it to secure the border. Our country is already deep in debt, so we are spending money on these people that we don't have. Americans first! So many citizens have needs not met yet they aren't in the news!


There are so many things that are wrong with your post. Immigrants are generally not eligible for government benefits. Most are fleeing domestic and political violence. I would suggest getting your information from reliable sources and not FAUX "news."


qahwha, thanks for your intelligent, informed, educated statements. The faux ‘news’ cult are willfully ignorant.


Another CNN fan? CNN makes people look ignorant. I don't watch FOX News, I educate myself, and I would suggest to avoid embarrassment, others do the same.


Liberal ignorance, how I tire of it. Illegal aliens ride the coat tails of the babies they have when they get over the border. That gets them government housing while citizens sleep on our streets, gets them food assistance through the children they bore (at government expense through a loophole in Medicaid - while many citizens who pay their own bills for having children limit the size of their families), emergency services are funded along with clinic visits in some states where both state and federal assistance are supporting those clinics. Illegal alien children also are educated in our schools with a cost of about 3 times what a citizen child costs to educate. We also have many that are incarcerated which our tax dollars support. And, the majority are "economic" immigrants. Let's face it, they travel through several countries and want to land here because we are the only ones that set them up with freebies! We have 554,000 homeless in the USA, and that should be the priority. Remember when some in the caravans were offered jobs, etc. in Mexico? Yeah, they weren't interested. I'm betting you are tuned to CNN, and if you let them think for you, well.......... Do I have to spell it out?


"but very few were interested in jobs. Why work when you can just chill out and let the government take care of you" That's strange. I thought one of the main arguments was that they "are takin our jobs". Also, if we follow your plan of stopping all aid to countries that people flee from, more people would actually flee, creating an even greater problem. People aren't fleeing countries because they are tired of living in mansions with hot tubs and cable tv. They're fleeing countries because there are no jobs and their governments aren't stable enough to provide them with opportunities. Cutting aid to those countries would only further destabalize the governments, starve people to death, and cause them to come here in higher numbers. Illegal immigration actually began to decline when we put a plan into place to help stabalize the governments of Central and South America.


They can flee, but with a secure border, they won't be our problem. In most of those countries, the assistance doesn't go to the people that need it, that is why we have so many economic immigrants trying to get into the country to get it here. Keep in mind, we have over a 1/2 million homeless people which includes families and children, and we have illegal aliens in government housing riding the coattails of their children born on our soil, with the birth paid for by American taxpayers! We have Americans who are disabled and/or elderly going without services, food and medicine while money is being pumped into taking care of the illegal aliens. No one really knows whether there is ever a drop in the number of illegal aliens getting into the country or how many are already here. And, yes, about 55,000 illegal alien are employed in KS, but they work lower wage jobs, have 4 or 5 kids who qualify for assistance. Illegal aliens have no right to work in the USA, and without identity fraud, they wouldn't be working. Until that 1/2 million homeless children and families are taken care of, we need to turn away economic immigrants. You take care of your own first as a country, just like you would your family. Would you give your family's bed, dinner, medicine, etc. away and let them go without? And, yes, it is the same. Those wanting asylum and granted it get a full array of public assistance to include housing, cash, food stamps, medical care while citizens sleep on the street.


Not jobs in Mexico where there would not be free housing, free medical, free food, etc. to go along with the job. We should redefine "Land of the Free" as I think some get the wrong idea or maybe with the liberals in charge, they would be right!


A border wall is not the answer.


Keeping our borders secure is a requirement. It would be a combination of wall, increased border control agents, electronic surveillance and natural barriers. It is the answer.


You are absolutely correct. Marshall is either playing dumb or really is that dumb. Either way he needs to be voted out.


My previous response was to qahwha. They are correct.


OK, so put the military on the border. Whatever it takes to get the job done and stop the illegal invasion. I'm flexible. I want my tax dollars spent on citizens with needs, those that also paid into the system.

Alphonse Sicard

Asylum is a loophole? How absurd. Too many cowards in our politics. Casting aside any morals they had to tow the party line.


I’m not sure they had any morals to start with.

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