There is a constitutional amendment on the Kansas ballot this November, and it is confusingly worded.

It asks if we want to amend the constitution regarding the census process for counting students and military personnel.

The amendment would determine residence based on where they claim residence on their voter registration, rather than going through the process of asking each student and member of the military (many of whom claim permanent residence elsewhere) his or her residence preference for voting (and at a cost of over $835,000 to the state). No other state does what Kansas does in this matter. To help clarify its meaning, the following analysis is offered by the League of Women Voters of Emporia:

(1) The current rule costs hundreds of thousands of dollars plus hundreds of unnecessary hours of state workers’ time. (2) It only affects about 13,000 people out of 2.9 million (.4 percent). (3) It takes significant time to administer. (4) It inaccurately counts population in the districts, to the detriment of rural areas. (5) The Kansas Legislature approved the amendment overwhelmingly on a bipartisan basis.

All that is needed now is for the people to vote on this amendment in November.

The League of Women Voters of Emporia, in concert with the supermajority of legislators, urges a “YES” vote on this amendment in order to save the state money and time, and in order to bring us into line with the rest of the nation.

The League of Women Voters is nonpartisan, neither supporting nor opposing candidates or political parties at any level of government. The League encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Teresa Briggs,

President, League of Women Voters of Emporia

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KB Thomas

Review The League of Women Voters Supporting Liberal views and Policies.


Could this headline be any more misleading? The letter urges a vote for the amendment, AGAINST the census adjustment.

Out Of Here Prev: SnowGypsy

I read some articles explaining this, but it really didn't make any sense. I didn't understand why they started it, or why residence would be a choice. Most military keep their home of record as their residence, and college students generally used the "home" where they just left as their residence if they had just graduated from high school. Residency? Voter Registration? I suppose it will pass, because it saves money, more money to waste on something else in Topeka rather than actually save the taxpayers money though.

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