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Do you ever wonder how a small town or city becomes renowned for something that has achieved mainstream status? Like Roswell and aliens, Kitty Hawk and airplanes, Williamsport and Little League Baseball, Emporia and disc golf? If you’re an Emporian, you already know the city has staked its claim to this wildly popular sport.

Disc golf has manifested in many ways in Emporia/Lyon County. The city has hosted the disc golf world championships, boasts the largest disc golf retail store in the world, offers several disc golf courses and the Emporia State University men’s team is ranked No. 1 in the nation. Enough proof? UDisc, a disc golf resource website, ranked Emporia as the top disc golf small town in the country.

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Not one word about the huge support given to the efforts to establish and maintain the disc golf courses in town, by the City of Emporia Parks Department, under the leadership of David Traylor. Credit should be given where credit is due. Park foreman, Bill Hansen, and his successor, Damon Adkins, were the ones directing the muscle to actually build the courses in our public parks. Don't they deserve at least a cursory acknowledgement?


Yes, it seems some people forget who was holding the ladder as we climbed to the top of our careers.


David Traylor was a very RELUCTANT supporter of disc golf in Jones Park. I thank some of the Park & Zoo employees that began by choosing targets on trees to use as goals. The group grew & branched out, forming a club, buying & reselling discs out of vehicles, building the initial goals from farm disks and chain. The patent holder of the original baskets threatened the club with a lawsuit for copyright infringement if they didn't purchase a complete course. The club raised money & paid for half with the City paying the other half. The City installing the tee pads with the club paying for the materials. The original Blown Glass Open Tournaments, etc. And it grew from humble beginnings. I'm glad it has become what it has, and I'm PROUD of the originators.

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