The American Legion Riders featured a random flag display and promoted their organization in front of Bluestem Farm and Ranch Supply, Saturday afternoon.

The Riders promote patriotism, community service, safe motorcycling and programs like flag displays, flag lines and flagged motorcycle escorts for veterans and first responders.

“The main purpose of doing this today is to just [do] a random display of patriotism and … again, make people aware that there is an American Legion Rider Group in Emporia and we like to support the community and local businesses,” said Clay Childs, Riders Director.

Childs figured it was the perfect day to do the random display — not a cloud in the sky, a warm breeze and a holiday weekend — while also supporting Bluestem, a local business. He also wanted to promote the poker run on June 12, when 40 motorcyclists will stay the night in Emporia and raise money for the American Legacy Scholarship.

“It is a good opportunity to come out, enjoy a little sunshine in the spring and go for a motorcycle ride and promote our community and promote our organization,” he said.

The scholarship is needs-based for children of U.S. military members who died or received a VA assigned disability rating of 50% or greater.

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Wow, I almost forgot how nice it is to see Old Glory flying without all the political junk flags flying next to her.

Hollowed Ground

Drive by any post office.

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