A popular online game stepped into real life momentarily Saturday at the Emporia Public Library when it hosted Fortnite IRL.

The game, which roughly 30 children took part in, had participants wandering all over the library, gathering supplies, doing missions that tested their knowledge and tossing beanbags at each other.

Alondra Aranda, age 12, is one of the Fortnite fans who chose to take part.

“Fortnite’s a really fun game,” she said.

Aranda’s familiar with the library, because she often uses the technology upstairs to play games such as Fortnite. She said she’d do the event again if the library offered it.

Youth Services Librarian Tiffany Fay said the main purpose of the event was to allow participants to have fun emulating the popular game IRL — which stands for “in real life,” in internet parlance.

“Everything that we do is to get the public into the library — 100 percent, that’s always our goal,” she said. “But yeah, after that I don’t have an educational purpose for this. It’s just fun. It’s just something that we know that the kids really love to do. This also gets them up, it gets them moving. They’re learning staff names, they’re learning each other’s names. But yeah, it’s just fun exercise, basically.”

As cold as it’s been lately, that’s especially important, Fay said — to provide physical activity that can be done inside.

Cris Hernandez, age 8, got a workout during the event. Afterward, he was red in the face and sweaty from all the dancing and jumping around he’d done.

“I feel exhausted,” he said.

But Hernandez said he’d definitely attend again if he had the chance.

He took part because he enjoys Fortnite.

“I thought it would be fun and that I might meet new friends,” Hernandez said.

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