I happen to be an outdoors man. I like to spot birds. And the Yard Bird is the strangest of them all.

They are not of much account and don’t really stand for anything. And the most important thing about Yard Birds is, they are some of the most ignorant of creatures.

But in a free nation with freedom of speech, it is easy to spot a Yard Bird.

These creatures will often crow about something that they know nothing about. And without freedom of speech, we may have not been able to spot them.

Right now we are witnessing the population of Yard Birds exploding. Never in our history has the environment for the increase of Yard Birds seemed to be so good. Perhaps this increase is due to a general ignorance of the historical facts.

These Yard Birds have somehow twisted the actions of a patriotic, anti-slave Quaker woman into something that brings the public attention to a strutting Yard Bird, but hurts our nation. Who but a Yard Bird could put down our Betsy Ross flag? Who could fail to bring out the meaning of the red blood that our patriots — black and white — gave in fighting the British, which is reflected in our flag’s red stripes?

Who but an ignorant Yard Bird would fail to give the facts about our revolution? How dare them equating our first flag to racism. How dare them for not thanking Crispus Attucks, a black man, for giving his life toward helping us gain our freedom. “Crispus Attucks (c. 1723 – March 5, 1770) was an American stevedore of African and Native American descent, widely regarded as the first person killed in the Boston Massacre and thus the first American killed in the American Revolution.”

These Yard Birds would have been in a totally different situation if they attempted to put out their garbage propaganda after the Boston Massacre.

So let’s rejoice in our freedom of speech. Let us realize that without it, we might not know who are out there that hate our history, our country, our flag, our pledge and the sacrifice of our forefathers when they besmirch our Betsy Ross flag and when they take similar stances.

I have a suggestion about how to control Yard Birds. Once we can clearly spot a Yard Bird, we should then treat them like the man in the novel “The Man Without a Country.” “The Man Without a Country is the story of American Army Lieutenant Philip Nolan, who renounces his country during a trial for treason and is consequently sentenced to spend the rest of his days at sea without so much as a word of news about the United States. This drove Nolan mad for what he had lost.”

So be thankful for freedom of speech so we can easily spot the Yard Birds around us. Then treat them as Philip Nolan was treated and never mention, acknowledge, or in any way associate with such lowly creatures again. You be the judge as to how to treat the Nike Company, which pulled its shoe with Betsy’s flag on it due to a Yard Bird’s comment.

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