We hear the term “white privilege” bandied about a lot lately.

Perhaps it is time to enlighten ourselves as to exactly what it means. As a white male who grew up in a middle-class suburb in the 50s and 60s, I had my share of issues, but I never had these issues:

• Concern about being pulled over in traffic because I “looked suspicious,”

• Worry about being stopped on the street because my skin color didn’t match expectations,

• Fretting about getting into a decent college due to assumptions that I would not “fit in,”

• Being told to “go back to where I came from,”

• Being excluded from restaurants, hotels, libraries, schools, churches and social groups for reasons not related to my own activities and interests,

• Fear of police who might single me out for how I look, and

• Fear for my life or serious injury at the hands of my fellow citizens for reasons unrelated to my behavior.

This is what white privilege entails. lt should be available to all law-abiding citizens.

Those who promote hate against religious or racial minorities are the ones who have always enjoyed this white privilege and are now afraid of no longer being at the top of the social ladder, as if they ever were. They think that being part of a multi-racial, multi-cultural society is somehow a takedown, and so they seek a return to a racist and segregationist past that was — for them — a more secure lifestyle. In the process, they would harm and discriminate against minorities to give themselves a false sense of superiority. They ignore or forget that it is that same openness and multiculturalism in our society that has made us so great, at least up until 2017.

Douglas McGaw Emporia

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KB Thomas

Please review Tom D'Ambra It is time for revival.

KB Thomas

Please review Tom D'Ambra End of the US ??? YouTube

KB Thomas

Blacks and Hispanics have the lowest unemployment in 50 years. Review www.Democrat Takeover.com


These are phony figures. Trump is running things, you know.

KB Thomas

Rules for Radicals Tom D'Ambra YouTube.


KB, So what are your Thoughts about Napalatono--who has voice great support

of Trump, now turning on him. He has been a Fox newser a long time.

KB Thomas

Good article but, it appears to me that the extreme left and right are ruining the county. Review Tom D'Ambra Rles for Radicals.


"White privilege"? I grew up in a county where the Underground Railroad ended. One third of the residents were black. When you don't grow up in a racist area, the idea of "white privilege" really doesn't make a lot of sense. When one goes into areas where one discovers the ignorant, especially those Christians who feel it is their God-given right to discriminate against those they feel are "lesser", then one gets the "picture". Not all areas of the country are like that, but they get the attention. Also, let us not forget that minorities are often chosen for positions, especially with the federal government, over a more qualified person who supposedly has "white privilege". Also, let us keep in mind that in some neighborhoods with high crime, they are stopping people in hopes of protecting others in the community from violence. Far too many people cry "discrimination" based on their group, yet the real problem lies with that individual, and this "crying wolf" takes away from the true discrimination. I see the whole "white privilege" thing as just something else for liberals to belly ache about.


Another marker of white privilege is not having to worry that your achievements will be seen as a consequence of affirmative action (though as the recent study on Harvard’s admissions shows us, affirmative action for white kids often just gets called “legacy”).

And yet another reminder that white privilege isn’t about being a racist, but about the consequences of building a system on racism and watching those consequences ripple out. Neighborhoods with majority black populations are often built that way intentionally because of explicitly racist redlining in the early-mid 20th century. Those neighborhoods where you think there is high crime we’re designed to be that way. Getting to ignore those historical forces (and many many others) is also an example of white privilege.


White Privilege is FACT.


Fake news

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